YOUTUBE Crocodile on a leash on the beach: master stopped and animal seized

YOUTUBE Crocodile on a leash on the beach: master stopped and animal seized

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MOSCOW - He took his crocodile on a leash on the beach of Anapa, on the Black Sea in Russia. Just as if it were a docile little dog, the man walked among the bathers with the dangerous reptile almost two meters long on a leash and the story did not end well. The man was in fact stopped and the animal, which lived in a small aquarium, was seized and entrusted to the Novorossiysk zoo.

The episode happened a few days ago on the beach of the Black Sea, where the man presented himself with the big crocodile and nobody, however, seemed scared, in fact some children even caressed him. The animal has become a likeable attraction, so much so that the owner introduced himself as a photographer and would also have made himself pay for taking pictures with the crocodile.

The images posted on social networks, however, have attracted the attention of the police, who have thus identified the man and stopped him, while the animal was seized and entrusted to the care of the Russian zoo.

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