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More than 800,000 confirmed cases, 43,000 deaths in the United States.

The air filtration company researched bra pads, coffee filters, pillowcases, paper towels, cotton T-shirts, wool, bed sheets, polyester, bandanas and more.

Virgin Australia, a victim of the coronavirus, may flourish under new owners
The latest Asian virus: Virgin Australia collapses; oil rebounds
Simulate and play different World War II scenarios. Can you lead your country to victory?
An extremely private couple confirmed the healthy birth of their newborn daughter.
Britain must prepare for the second wave of coronavirus, the leading researcher warned
The CDC director warned Americans of a possible second wave of coronavirus this winter
Ansel Elgort has proven that he does something for a good reason.
Bravo star Kelly Dodd walks back to her controversial comment on the coronavirus pandemic.
The rapper and Coco Austin have been together for almost 19 years - by Hollywood standards - for almost their entire lives.
Fox News policy analyst Brit Hume joins Shannon Borm on Fox News @ Night.
Fox News policy analyst Brit Hume joins Shannon Borm on Fox News @ Night.
Updated 22.4.2012 from ECDC, WHO and local government sites

April 22 - Try not to take the rejection in person today. If you are given a job, a loan opportunity, or a creative opportunity, it simply means that the universe has something better planned for you. Keep your eyes and ears open for a more satisfying way. However, resist the temptation to change your appearance to gain ownership or popularity. Merging the crowd is probably the worst thing you could do. This means not only betraying your true self, but also pushing away people who would appreciate the real you.

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