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Batman's Tomb # 1 has an ad that looks like AEW superstar Cody Rhodes is assisting a blind knight in a tag team match.

The entire Elite Wrestling flagship program & nbsp; AEW: Dynamite is only a week old, but it has already given a positive impact to fans around the world. Part of this fandom may be due to clever marketing, with AEW ads appearing in the latest editions of DC comics.

One advertising writer, Warren Ellis, and artist Bryan Hitch in "Batman's Tomb # 1" caught the eye of writer and musician Jonathan Diener, who snapped the photo on social media. Image contains two pages & nbsp; Under Batman's grave, the former has an actual comic book page and the latter an AEW ad. The two-page layout looks like & nbsp; AEW superstar Cody helps Batman fight the criminal.

The title of the picture is: "This is how @CodyRhodes jumps to the new @warrenell series" Batman's Tomb "to help Batman. Lovin "is on those DC pages."

Cody Rhodes made a surprising performance during the New York Comic Con, falling to the All Elite Wrestling panel, featuring Brandi Rhodes, Awesome Kong, Jungle Boy, Nyla Rose, Jon Moxley (former WWE Dean Ambrose) and current AEW world champion Chris Jericho. Rhodes approached the panel and ended Jericho's outbreak.

Their issues stem from an episode that premiered on AEW & nbsp; Dynamite. Jericho attacked Rhodes after winning Sammy Guevara over AEW in the first ever TV game. & Nbsp; Rhodes plans to promote Jericho's challenge to the AEW World Championships in the upcoming paid Full Gear watch.

FOREWORD: Dynamite air takes place on TNT at 20.00 ET per week.

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