Year & nbsp; 1996 AN ANAP President Mesut Yılmaz is the Prime Minister. One day, Erdem Saker, who was elected as the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality and elected from ANAP, is wanted from the Prime Minister's Office.

Görevli Mr. Prime Minister's brother will visit you about something, Görevli he says. The next day, & nbsp; Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz's brother & nbsp; Turgut Yilmaz & nbsp; next to the delegation & nbsp; Saker comes.

Arkadaşlar These are friends from the Volvo car factory. They will build a factory in Turkey. We found it appropriate to build this factory in Karacabey. ”

“We planned the future of Bursa under the name of 2020 Plan and made its constitution. There are two big car factories in Bursa and the third one is not in our plan. ”

Kamyon The truck leaving the Industrial Zone can reach Karacabey in half an hour. You can afford to go another half hour and make your factory in Bilecik. ”

Industry is very important for the development and growth of the country and cities. However, strategy plans, which are the constitution of the cities & nbsp; should be prepared meticulously and protected with vigor.

To invest in Turkey expected and & nbsp; sanity & nbsp in Bursa; rest & nbsp; Volkswagen factory & nbsp; in Manisa & nbsp; September 4, 2019 the day of the Presidential Investment Office & nbsp we transfer these columns; opinion & nbsp; also nearly & nbsp; Saker'l same:

“There are two big automobile manufacturers factories in Bursa. If the third automobile manufacturer comes, there may be negativity in terms of competition between factories.

He spent 23 years as the Regional Manager & nbsp; 40 years of his life in DSİ. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Served & nbsp; every step from east to west, from mountain to sea.

Doğancı planned and built the & nbsp; and & nbsp; Nilüfer & nbsp; dams and assumed the & nbsp; Drinking Water Transmission Line as & nbsp; DSİ & nbsp; because the municipality of the time did not have power.

For political studies, visits and meetings with citizens & nbsp; in Bursa. On the day he arrives, he has a nonstop schedule from early morning to midnight.

In addition to being an AK Party deputy in Bursa, he is carrying out important activities as the President of the Human Rights Review Committee of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

At work in his office in Parliament yesterday & nbsp; & nbsp special guest; entertained. & Nbsp; & nbsp subject of the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Turkey Alvaro Rodriguez talks; human rights & nbsp; was.

UN & nbsp; & nbsp living coordinator in Turkey, Rodriguez & nbsp; calls & nbsp; & nbsp December 10 World Human Rights Day, were also discussed programs.

On the one hand, & Bursa Municipalities Union & nbsp; and as the superstructure & nbsp; Marmara Municipalities Union & nbsp; participated in meetings, on the other hand, & nbsp; Coastal & nbsp; Aegean Municipalities Union & nbsp; & nbsp; Egeli & nbsp;

As we have seen, & nbsp; Mudanya Mayor Hayri Türkyılmaz & nbsp; joined the coastal city with the advantage of the coastal city and improves its management in order to find a better service in the Union of Coastal Aegean Municipalities.

Frankly,… We are watching the management approach of the young district governors & nbsp; with a little more interest. Because, the young civilian superiors, who we see as the next generation of district governors, have made a difference to the concept of authority.

Everything started on October 7, 2007 with a photo taken by Fatih Özenbaş in the Danaçalı Village of Büyükorhan, where he went with the Bursa Fan Club and Zeliha closed her eyes with her hand so that her baby didn't look bad.

The photo was published in & nbsp; Atlas & nbsp; magazine, & nbsp; Fatih & nbsp; put on exhibitions. In 2014, the photo spread to the world as a Ghazian girl, who closed her eyes to see the war, and this time circulated as the victim of a civil war in Syria.

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