Wide left: Roads open to Xavier Rhodes

Wide left: Roads open to Xavier Rhodes

Xavier Rhodes was one of the most exciting players in the Vikings two years ago, but has worked hard to restore this form in 2019.

Just two years ago, Xavier Rhodes was one of the most exciting players in the Minnesota Viking. When all Viking fans within the country shouted "Rhodes closed" whenever possible, Rhodes closed all of the NFL's top wide receivers when it rose to All-Pro status.

I remember that well. Going a little further, Rhodes closed Odell Beckham Jr. that he looked like a sad flowering bulb with no sauces. In November 2017, he headed down to Atlanta and left Julio Jones wondering what Steve Sarkesian had actually drawn on his cocktail napkin. That was awesome.

But we are moving on to this day and things have really gone south for Rhodes. Pro Football Focus, who joined the Detroit Lions in Sunday's game, had given him 28 receptions at 33 targets. With their catch, Rhodes had given up 266 yards (24th among qualified corner kicks), two landings and a 110.4-fold return rating.

Those numbers were pretty rough, but then arrived on Sunday afternoon when Marvin Jones hit Rhodes as he was freaking a autobahn. With two more landings likely to be charged to him, Rhodes was reduced to emotional confusion, even sitting out as the Vikings prepared for a decisive halt to the two-point transformation.

Unfortunately, this has become the norm for Rhodes, as he has blamed everything on his poor performance, except that he needs to be better. In the last two seasons, it has really made it worse, because every time he burns, he falls to the ground, as if shouting, "I'm coming, LORETTA!" Only several plays later.

His Sunday moody would have made the 3-year-old proud, but Rhodes continues to do nonsense, such as hoisting a penalty flag and fighting Stefon Diggs during a training camp dispute that is simply being painted as unfair in Minnesota.

We all know what Rhodes did in the past, but even somewhere in the middle, the Vikings would help tremendously in secondary education, especially if Trae Waynes doesn’t have an All-Pro season on its own. Although Mike Hughes has made promises, the Vikings' chances of a thorough play-off will be significantly reduced if Rhodes does not step up. & Nbsp;

If this happens, this protection can go from good to great. If not, the Vikings have some problems with NFC high-power offenses.

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