Why Cuban wines are the best in Russia

Why Cuban wines are the best in Russia

Bordeaux, Burgundy, Tuscany, Cuban ... Yes, this is no mistake The Krasnodar Krai in Russia is becoming more and more visible on the map of wine regions of the world every year.

Sputnik. Natalia SeliverstovaThe Ministry of Defense of Russia changes the operating system? A few years ago, a well-known critic Robert Joseph called Kuban the last undiscovered wine region on our globe. At present, it can be said that Russian wine producers have loudly declared their existence.

There were times when wine production in Russia increased exponentially, while the number of vineyards remained unchanged. Well, the wine was simply made from materials imported from abroad. Currently, winemakers are focused on high-quality domestic vineyards, which in the end ensures high-quality production.

Photo: ACM Multimedia 2017 How to turn water into wine in the 21st century In 2017, the area for vineyards in Kuban was expanded, which made these areas the main wine region in the country. In Taman, the first glass for planting material was opened in Russia. Up to six million vine cuttings will be produced here every year, which will allow Cuban winemakers to produce geographically restricted wines on their land.

In one of the largest wine factories in the country Fanagoria "in the village under the name Siennoje after reconstruction opened the largest wine cellars in Russia, with an area of ​​three thousand square meters, designed for five thousand barrels. Already there are 2,200 barrels of oak It should be added that the latter were made in their own cooper's workshops. The best Kubania wines will be aged here from six months to several years, which will allow the production of over a million bottles of higher quality wine on an annual basis.

Sputnik. Vladimir Fedorenko Russia will terminate the Cooperation Agreement with Ukraine? However, nowadays Kuban wine production is proudly appearing on the international market. During the last five years at the largest foreign wine competitions Kuban producers have won 250 medals of a different level in total.

The successes of domestic winemakers make Kuban an interesting region for wine tourism. The cities of Tamań, Anapa and Gelendzhik become centers of enotourism. The region's authorities hope that many vacationers will assess this direction properly. In 2018, there will be nearly 60 enotourism routes in the country. Tourists will be able to visit both small wine farms as well as wander the basement mazes of the largest enterprises in this industry. They will also be able to taste the best wines and learn about the history of Russian winemaking.

It is obvious that Kuban is entering a whole new level in the wine industry and is ready to compete with world-renowned regions.
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