Who is Gönül Boran Özüpak, EYT President, where is he, how old is he?

Who is Gönül Boran Özüpak, EYT President, where is he, how old is he?

In his speech at the AK Party Group Meeting, President Erdoğan made statements that would upset those stuck in retirement. So who is the President of the EYT Association, which Erdogan criticizes?

"We do not approve early retirement in the social security system, but it is essential in politics. I want to share my retirement-related views when it comes to the subject. There are insurance days, premium days and age criteria for retirement. This is in your campaign's campaign.

The association was established and the lady at the beginning of this association was included in the system in 1992. If the old system continued, he would retire at the age of 38. Now this lady will be able to start receiving a pension in 2020, at the age of 48. There is no practice of retirement at the age of 38 in the world. The average retirement age is 52 in our country.

Even in the current situation, our pension system is at a painful pace. There are 6.3 million people in the group called retirement age. 1 million of them are civil servants and others are accustomed to their own account. The annual additional cost of this proposal to our country is 26 billion liras. When all those who benefit from early retirement are taken into view, a total of 750 billion liras is found. We ask whether we have the right to put a load of money back on our side during the period when we fight for liberation in the economy.

On the one hand stocks are a trends of opportunities, on the other, these are trends. What will happen, will retire, on the other hand will continue to get used to other work. The western world does not thank under the age of 65, the country costs too much for him. Now even the Scandinavian countries are unable to pay the price, so they started to increase the retirement age.

We brought the biggest services on our retirees. We cannot be willing to disrupt all the balance of the country in order to please a sector. Political rent should not be reduced. Those who say that those who are hanging out at retirement will continue to get used to a humorous or formal picture. Why should we put our social security system into a swamp while this is the truth? Those who bring it to Parliament should make a situation assessment again. "

Gnl Boran zpak, President of the EYT Association, said that those who retire in retirement are considered to be older than the state, and to the old sector, and their struggle is not to retire early, but to take back their rights.

In 1999, the President of the Association reminded that the DSP, ANAP and MHP government enacted the retirement age with the law no.

On 23 February 2001, some of the articles of the law were canceled when the opposition party Fazilet Party of the time applied to the Constitutional Court. However, retirement was said to be 'the right to be won is not the right to be expected', and on May 23, 2002, with the law numbered 4759, gradual age conditions were determined and implemented. The number of victims was 5 million. When we retire from the date of the law until the present day, 2 million 400 people remain. Of these, approximately 250 - 300 thousand people will retire immediately.

While continuing our search for rights on all platforms, if the rate of retirement with the law numbered 5510 in 2008 was calculated by dividing the monthly bond rates between 1999 and 2000 and after 2008, the average rate was reduced to 30s. Thus, the grievances continued increasingly. In our business life over 30 years, we believe that this is not the return of our sweat and we defend it.

Our right to retirement has been purged. Retirement pensions linked to these rates were reduced. Due to the high number of people who are paid with minimum wages, the salaries are also reduced. Those who accepted to work without insurance to avoid salaries started to experience social, economic and psychological problems due to being subjected to general health insurance while unemployed.

Reminding that they have been continuing their work with equal platforms and groups since 2011 and stating that they are seeking support for continuous time, zpak continued as follows:

Since 2011, we have been in contact with government officials, equal political parties and told our problems and asked for support for this issue. We announced this with equal events. Anyone who expresses our grievance entitles us, says 'you are right' but unfortunately it is not shown in any way for our right. The deputies gave us nerge many times, but always came back with a rejection answer.

The aim of our struggle is definitely not to retire early, but to take back our extorted rights. We believe that the victims of the victims should be eliminated according to the law applied to the sentence and we are getting used to it. We will continue our search for rights within the rights afforded to us by law, without breaking or breaking, so that all those who get stuck in this obstacle can enjoy a peaceful life in the future.

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