What could buy 14.5 million

What could buy 14.5 million

Torie Steele commissioned the late 4224 Armstrong Pkwy complex designed by Hal Thomson. a redevelopment that, with the help of architects Larson and Pedigo, gave its historic mansion modern comforts and sophistication.

The 11,459-square-foot mansion is located on 0.51 acres, and with 17 rooms, family members should have no trouble finding somewhere alone or finding entertainment.

Over the years, the home has been occupied by only a handful of families, including Virginia McAlester. A Harvard graduate has written a field guide to American houses, using text, drawings, and photos to break down American house styles in a way that even beginners can understand.

To meet its internal environmental credentials, Steele has added energy-saving features such as double-glazed foam thermal insulation, solar panels, tankless water tanks and ceiling fans.

Original architect Thomas created some of Dallas' magnificent homes in the most prestigious areas and was considered a master of various designs, such as Tudor, Georgian and Neoclassical.

His best-known works include a Georgian Revival-style home at 5439 Swiss Ave. and Aldredge House at 5500 Swiss Ave. He also designed a cotton swap and collaborated at the Dallas Aquarium in Fair Park. >

Tile and stone surfaces come from Italy, Portugal and Mexico, and hardware and fixtures come from England, France and Italy, Rhodes said. When creating this beautiful home, the designer paid great attention to detail.

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