Vittoria Assicurazioni towards the dangerous system of variable commissions? The SNA ready to meet the top management of the Agents Group led by Roberto Arena

Vittoria Assicurazioni towards the dangerous system of variable commissions? The SNA ready to meet the top management of the Agents Group led by Roberto Arena

MILAN - According to rumors reached in the Editorial Department it would seem that the Agenti Vittoria Group, chaired by Roberto Arena, vice president of Anapa (the association of agents founded by Vincenzo Cirasola), would be evaluating the adhesion to the proposal of the Company to change the mandate commissions in variable rates, the variation of which would be linked to the claims to premiums ratio of each individual agency.

The SNA has repeatedly highlighted the dangers inherent in a remunerative system that transfers the insurance risk from the Company to the agent, but apparently also after the experience, now criticized by many and on which in the Syndicate has long been open a serious comparison, of the well-known Unipol Pact, another Agenti Group would appear to be tempted in this direction.

Among the agents of the well-known Compagnia Vittoria Assicurazioni, almost all of them with a single mandate and historically rather little autonomy in terms of management system and commercial and organizational freedom, the concern spreads and many people look suspiciously at these indiscretions. After the proposal to transfer pension positions from the independent Pension Fund of the agents to the Company, the GAA chaired by Arena seems to stand out again in a negative sense from the point of view of the SNA political-trade union line.

The SNA National President, Claudio Demozzi, has made it known that he is available to meet the top management of the GAV (Agenti Vittoria Group), to investigate the issue and illustrate the critical points of the positions mentioned above assumed by the top management of the Group in agreement with the management of the Company.

To vary the commissions, whatever the starting level, it is a strategic mistake and sooner or later you pay it. Another thing is the rappel, that is the production bonuses that are added to the fixed commissions.

The pension fund is in prospective solidity for the next 40 years and in the last 6 years the current management has recorded over 200 million of profits. Who says the opposite mind knowing to lie and therefore is a liar. The administrators have all changed and I challenge anyone to say that the current ones are not more than credible.

The Pip that signed the agents Vittoria will give results in terms of lower income than the supplementary pensions Fonage even after the even excessive cut made by the Extraordinary Commissioner.

but does an agent group that binds the registration to the sole agent, and therefore also the relative agreements with the company, does not simply do for the company what the company cannot do, that is to say in fact make the multi-mandate difficult if not impossible? Perhaps it would be appropriate to ask an antitrust opinion!

but why not ask the members of the junta and the various members of the union, why they signed the Unipol pact and are they now even switching to variable commissions based on the company's results? a third of the agency commissions, anchored to the company's results and to the objective receipts that the company will assign to the agency in absolute autonomy, hidden behind the fig leaf of the agreement with the groups that are notoriously always, who knows why, of agreement. This is above all the face of the multi-mandate that would be so heavily penalized. Perhaps in addition to looking at others' homes, Demozzi could ask for explanations and a little coherence from his supporters!

Re-elect the same characters? Take it to the wreckage? See that you missed some passages were not elected the same characters in the background was or is in disarray. I hope that you do not read the victory agreements in the same way, otherwise everything is explained.

I'm just inviting you not to talk about things you don't know. No one forced us to be single agents. It is a free choice of which we are proud until we have a company that supports us and assists us as Vittoria. After the foolishness of the Pension Fund you have succeeded in re-electing the same characters that brought it to ruin.

Riccardo I am also from Andria look that maybe you are not up to date but the union has achieved a lot of things in recent years all very good maybe you should better inform yourself and read less information garbage of some

Just answer and give the details instead of accusing those who like snachannel try to make transparent what is often transparent is not for nothing! Unfortunately the BCD has already distinguished itself for the exclusive introduced through the statute of the group, for the invitation to transfer the positions away from the Fonage, therefore the precedents don't reassure sure. But if all these things are good for the agents, hold these representatives

The real problem of SNA that speaks without entering into merit and without knowing. There were people like Roberto Arena, always busy finding solutions and not breaking apart. We Vittoria agents do not need any intervention from Demozzi, in fact, in light of the results obtained, the further away from us the better.

We should know what we are talking about but if the lowest commissions in the pact are the same or higher than those of the mandate I would say that the problems are elsewhere

Is this the Anapa policy line? What does Cirasola say about it? Does Anapa take a stand on these issues or let it run? More and more convinced that if the agents' union were weakened, we would be in the hands of God alone

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