UnipolSai Agents Congress in Turin, Vincenzo Cirasola (Anapa) repeatedly interrupted by grumbling and some whistling. Stadium ovation for Claudio Demozzi (Sna) - video

UnipolSai Agents Congress in Turin, Vincenzo Cirasola (Anapa) repeatedly interrupted by grumbling and some whistling. Stadium ovation for Claudio Demozzi (Sna) - video

TURIN - The first part of the highly anticipated UnipolSai Agents Congress was held yesterday (March 22, ed) in Turin. An important moment to outline the political-union lines of the newborn & nbsp; Group agents, the result of the alliance between six different realities: Gaa UnipolSai, Ius Associati, Galf (La Fondiaria agents group), Ga Sai, Magap (Milan Insurance Group professional agents) and Aau (Association of Unipolsai Agents).

Among the guests invited to the Congress, the National President Sna Claudio Demozzi and the leader of Anapa Vincenzo Cirasola. Having taken the floor, the latter was repeatedly interrupted by prolonged moans and whistles coming from congressmen. So much so that the speakers have had to call the audience to order several times. In the general embarrassment, Cirasola spoke at length about his partnership, his idea of ​​relating to the principals and his goals.

A real ovation from the stadium welcomed the national President Sna. Demozzi, calling the members present to the union to the count, inviting them to make themselves heard, has focused attention on the real representativeness in the field: "The applause - he said on the sidelines of his speech - leaves no doubt about the numbers. It is time to remove all alibis from those who try to hinder the natural adhesion to the Syndicate of the new Agents Group born from the convergence of the six existing GAAs in UnipolSai ".

The mistake is to invite someone who imitates the environment and thinks he is a manager of the Generali, better to invite the originals directly, at least they don't hide that they are agents' counterparts / counterparts. Better the originals than the bad copy

Tino maybe you made a movie of your own on what you wanted to see and didn't see. Demozzi had the courage to resume the many SNA members, almost all in the room, who did not have the strength to impose some simple precautions to avoid putting their future in the hands of those same presidents of the former groups that sponsored Anapa, then they returned to SNA, then they thought of something different, then they merged into a new group, then then ... holy words but until there was someone like you who didn't dare to face reality, so much wasted breath

The truth is that you open your mouth inappropriately. You are offensive and without real arguments. Cirasola was booed by the audience at the top in a premeditated manner, and only for the length of the speech, however richer and deeper and more proactive for a future trade union dialogue. Demozzi has done much worse, offending the groups and the Company. He was also booed. Think about building instead of destroying. Don't help anyone!

A manager of the company today accused the coup by denigrating Sna. Evidently he lacked arguments and attributes to respond to the precise and punctual strokes of Demozzi

Yesterday I witnessed a situation that put me in deep embarrassment for the person Cirasola, although I think he represents a disgrace for all my colleagues, and I almost thought he did it on purpose: in over 30 years I have never seen a figure like that of yesterday.

To our president I don't have to teach anything but, perhaps, he could have marked a more favorable point to bring many more undecided on our side: he had done everything Cirasola.

De Mozzi always at the TOP! Cirasola, sometimes embarrassing. That's why someone wanted to cage the union president in a sterile round table. CONNECTOR ALARM!

the invitation to Anapa was the idea of ​​a president of Ga to whom the others did not have the courage to oppose; now we should ask that Ga president to take note of the defeat and draw the consequences by getting out of the way

Many groans and whistles? It seems to me the "union minimum" given the character's precedents !! The time is approaching when the curtains will fall on Anapa!

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