Ukrainian border 'trembling': Satellite captures hundreds of Russian T-64 and T-62M tanks - Invasion herald

Ukrainian border 'trembling': Satellite captures hundreds of Russian T-64 and T-62M tanks - Invasion herald

War preparations by the Kremlin on the border with Ukraine and Taurida (Crimea), as the Russians now call it, giving it its ancient Greek name, wanting to prove that the region is not historically Ukrainian. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Satellite images from Google Earth show the presence of hundreds of Russian armored formations on a new military base on the outskirts of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, in the Rostov region.

Israeli and American (Fox TV) special defense observers are concerned about the fact that Russian cargo aircraft of the Russian air force are often dispatched to Dzhankoy air base (Crimea).

On December 6, 4 flights from Anapa Airport were registered simultaneously, and later one of the aircraft returned, with the remainder temporarily on the air base.

The Israeli private intelligence company ISI said the aircraft belong to the 7th Battle Wing carrying the Paratroopers Brigade in the area, based in Novorossiysk, near Anapa.

Recall that in early December, in an interview with Reuters, the Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Viktor Mushenko, showed a series of satellite images showing the deployment of Russian battle tanks a few kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

According to Muzhenko, since the end of August, Russia has been stepping up its forces near the border with Ukraine and estimates that now its military threat is even greater than in 2014.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko is also preparing his own armed forces against pro-Russian forces in Ukraine, so that they will not be given the opportunity to conquer other Ukrainian territory and disrupt Ukraine's course in the European Union and NATO, the same.

But the bottom line is that Ukraine is heading for a confrontation with Russia that is being forced by the West to open another front for Moscow after Syria. Sea and rocket on the Ukrainian territory.

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