Turkish Current came to the border! - Business News

Turkish Current came to the border! - Business News

The Turkish Current project is progressing rapidly. Starting from the sea to lay pipes in Russia's Anapa, Russia and Turkey reached its exclusive economic zone boundary. The project is expected to be completed in 2019 by reaching Kıyıköy and delivering the first natural gas.

A subsidiary of Russian giant Gazprom my turkstrea (Turkish Movement) carried out by the project will be held between Kiyiköy in Turkey with Russia's Anapa. The pipes laid in the sea starting from Anapa will end in Kıyıköy and the natural gas will go ashore.

Two pipes will be laid side by side along the total length of 940 km. The amount of natural gas to be transported from these pipes in a year will be 31.5 billion cubic meters. Each pipe will carry 15.75 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

31.5 billion cubic meters is equal to the natural gas to be carried by 370 LNG vessels or the natural gas to be used by 15 million households. The first of said pipes will be used only for Turkey's natural gas needs. The second pipe will go to Europe. However, the route of the pipe to Europe is not yet clear. After Kıyıköy, it will open to Europe via Bulgaria or Greece.

According to the information, high-level negotiations are currently under way between Bulgaria and the Russian government. If the pipes continue from Kiyikoy to Bulgaria, then it is expected to continue to Serbia and Hungary. Kiyikoy goes to Greece, this time the continuation of the route will be Italy and Europe will scatter from there.

Eren Güler from Habertürk.com reported that the pipe laying from Anapa started in May this year and is continuing rapidly. So far, a total of 431 km of pipes have been laid, one of which is 224 km and the other is 207 km. The total length of the project will be 1880 km (940 * 2) as double pipes.

The 380 m long ship can lay an average of 4 kilometers of pipelines per day. The installation of the pipes on the ship, while a special mechanism is reduced to a depth of up to 2 km.

In parallel with the construction progress, it is expected to reach in 2019 Kiyiköy first gas in Turkey. Works will begin on land close to the end of construction at sea and a purchase terminal will be established. After the pipeline reaches Kıyıköy, the land from here to Lüleburgaz will be constructed by Pipelines and Oil Transportation Inc. (BOTAŞ).