TURKEY. Putin in Turkey for the inauguration of TurkStream

TURKEY. Putin in Turkey for the inauguration of TurkStream

Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Istanbul on November 19 for a ceremony marking the completion of the maritime section of the TurkStream gas pipeline project.

The project involves the construction of a gas pipeline consisting of two lines, each with a length of 930 kilometers and with the capacity to carry 15.7 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

"Russian President Vladimir Putin will participate in the closing ceremony of the construction of the maritime section of the TurkStream gas pipeline (...) The event will take place in Istanbul on November 19," said Yury Ushakov, a Kremlin official from Izvestiya. Ushakov said that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will also attend the ceremony.

TurkStream is an export-free gas pipeline that will extend across the Black Sea from Russia to Turkey and will extend further to the borders of Turkey with neighboring European countries. The first line is for gas supplies to Turkish consumers, while the second will supply gas to southern and south-eastern Europe, reports the Daily Sabah.

Gazprom is planning to start construction of the second section of the TurkStream gas pipeline in 2019; the project should be completed by the end of 2019 as planned, according to Anadolu. The transport of natural gas will last approximately 52 hours from Anapa, Russia, to Kıyıköy, province of Kırklareli in northwestern Turkey. The control room where the natural gas transmission will be monitored will be located at the headquarters of the TurkStream project company in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

According to information provided by the TurkStream authorities, the project was designed to operate for at least 50 years. The first line reached the Turkish coast at the end of April, after 930 kilometers of deep-water offshore pipelines ranging from Anapa (Russia) to Kıyıköy (Turkey).

The first line of Turk Stream will transport 15.75 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Turkey. The project will have a total transport capacity of 31.5 billion cubic meters with the second line that will go to Europe.

Russia is considering the possibility of extending the pipeline through Bulgaria and Serbia or through Greece and Italy. After talks with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in Moscow at the end of October, Russian President Putin told reporters that they were examining all the opportunities, including Italy's connection to Turk Stream through Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Greece.

At the end of October, the Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksandar Antic said that Serbia is ready to join the TurkStream pipeline project. He said the construction of the pipeline will soon be completed, and Serbia's accession to the project would have been a great opportunity to improve energy security for both the nation and the region. & Nbsp;

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