Turkey package tour prices fell How in Russia?

Turkey package tour prices fell How in Russia?

Despite the high season, prices of many destinations in Russia are falling. Tour operators, many 'budget' proposal when trying to make a sale, including Turkey, stated that the average package tour prices falling in some destinations.

The Analysis Service of Russian Tour Operators' Knowledge (ATOR) has analyzed the 2019 summer season's cheapest offering destinations. July 13 to 15, moving two 10-day holiday for 12 destinations covered in the assessment that the countries in the list are Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Tunisia, Anapa (Russia), Crimea (Russia), Sochi (Russia ).

In the analysis, both average prices of 12 destinations and cheap prices of flour were evaluated. Turkey 'cheapest' price during the 4th place in the list, while 'average' in position # 5 in the price. July 13-15 for Turkey's average price of 89 thousand 290 rubles (1,413 dollars) that were recorded. The comparison was based on round-trip flight tickets, transfers, travel insurance, at least breakfast, food and drink and a 10-day stay.

According to the analysis made as a result of the comparison, prices vary between the beginning and the middle of July and prices have decreased in many destinations. The reason for this was that the most popular tours were sold with early reservation. One reason for calm holiday sales in Russia was that people spent their summer holidays on the long May holiday.

Another destination with an increasing price was Greece. On July 13-15, Greece's price increased by 38.4 percent, while the price shot rate in Tunisia, 5 percent and 8.13 percent in Bulgaria was announced. If Turkey is also in a series of destination where prices fell. Accordingly rates, 53 percent in Cyprus, 30 percent in Spain, 16 percent in Montenegro, 14.5 percent in Croatia, fell 12 percent in Italy and 6.5 percent in Turkey.

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