Touching the voter

Touching the voter

Erdoğan, who appeals to the feelings of the electorate rather than the mind of the voter, is on the way to becoming the reden commanding boss ”. But you're not Erdogan; & nbsp; all politicians!

He went to France in the late 1980s, where he earned a master's degree in politics and law from the University of Paris 8. Left-wing philosopher at the College de France & nbsp; while attending Antonio Negri's political philosophy courses and getting his PhD ...

He worked in the second-term election campaign of François Mitterrand, a Socialist Party candidate whose advisors advised him. Only theoretical knowledge was not enough; he had to land on the field. Therefore…

Democratic presidential candidate in the United States & nbsp; Bill Clinton's presidential election campaign. He took the an campaign techniques ”class from James Carville, who led Clinton to the presidency, working with leaders from Tony Blair to Ehud Barak.

In the 1999 election, he presented ANAP with a roadmap & nbsp; for reaching women and young voters. ANAP manager, "This is Turkey, do you think the United States of yourself?" He mocked! & Nbsp; the same date, Erdogan & nbsp; and his friends were started in Istanbul & nbsp; similar road map, & nbsp; was spreading street vibrant street neighborhood neighborhood Turkey ...

And last week, he published & nbsp; Nasıl How to Win Choice: 101 Tips ”& nbsp;. The first thing that came to my mind was that “political leaders should read the book immediately and recommend this book to all party levels”.

In political campaigns, the goal is not to & nbsp; copy & nbsp; what is in the West. AP This is not the United States, AN ANAP told Şeyda Taluk and made a similar campaign to Bill Clinton in the same election. He placed Berna Yilmaz at the center of his campaign. & Nbsp;

Clinton's 1998 campaign & nbsp; his wife Hillary's focus was to cover up the sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky! While Clinton was elected president over his wife, the ANAP threshold was barely crossed!

Şeyda Taluk gives similar examples in his book. & Nbsp; Gives detailed information about how Muharrem İnce lost his election iyle with a bad imitation of Erdoğan.. “Political success depends to a large extent on the correct definition of purpose.

Since the discussions like “right candidate” - “sheet opening” & nbsp; are always on the agenda in CHP, let me share the remembrance of Şeyda Taluk in her 88th recommendation:

“One of the voter meetings I attended with Jeremy Corbyn in the 1997 elections was held at the Irish Catholic Cultural Center. Most of the Irish who attended the meeting were religious conservatives, and they did not like leftists at all, except Corbyn.

In that meeting, I also met family members of the Guildford 4 team, about which the film İçin For My Father & was made. Some of the family members of the four, who were held responsible for the bombing and accused of being members of an irrelevant IRA, were arrested and all were tortured. It was the UK era when human rights were ignored in the fight against terrorism. After years of legal struggle, the team became & nbsp; innocent. It was in those years that Corbyn, as a human rights defender, had always been with these families, where everyone was afraid to approach them, and fought hard to defend their rights.

For this reason, the Irish living in England & nbsp; always & nbsp; continued to support Corbyn. Along with these religious families, & nbsp; Corbyn did not even consider making the slightest concession from atheism. Even if people knew of his atheism, they did not hesitate to support this honest, solid character they would always trust. Because whenever Corbyn was stuck, he was always with them……

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