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Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli held in Manisa 'Father fidelity' meeting, participating in the meeting of the Presidency High Advisory Board member and the 22nd Term Parliament Speaker Bülent Arınç, "Our people who want to leave. Then you will see that no one in the head of division, he will not be a thought of separation. If you do these things, someone has to go to the responsibility is necessarily. They will endure. "He said.

Member of the High Advisory Board of the Presidency and 22nd Term Grand National Assembly President Bülent Arınç participated in the meeting of Baba Father's fidelity with friends' organized by Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli in Manisa. Arinc who made a speech in the program, together with the late Ekrem Pakdemirli said they could not do politics, but rival each other.

Arinc also made evaluations on the old political system and the new system, "President of this new Presidential Government System, while the President should also maintain his relationship with his party when President Erdogan was a bit strange to us at that time. But he examined political history very well. He said Özal ' after I also Demirel, the President of the party was debilitated. at the same time the president is in order to keep the power at that party that should continue the relationship with the party. this is a historical fact in front of us. Turkey is now 17 years since the ruling party alone in their Looking at the latest results, we have to become a strong organization, reinterpret politics and try to solve our problems inside and outside again by saying Bismillah with the love of the first day. Some people left this party and eager to form a new party. We need to protect the integrity of the party. The party's power needs to be better than before.

Separations have never been beneficial. During the establishment of the Democratic Party, the deceased Demirel's lawmakers who enter into an effort to tell how the sworn group obstacles, and the late Demirel should have prevented the separation of us from the party, I know you said we should not be divided. Since then, the True Path Party has never been able to rule alone. 65s, 69s was a dream. There were also differences within the CHP, but Ecevit was able to recover. After he left, there were other factions. Now, like Mr. Minister, we have decided on politics in the AK Party. So I see here not as ANAP, but as people who have made other choices after ANAP. I respect all of you. But it is our duty to you and to us.

This main body should not be worn. I think that is an insurance for Turkey's AK Party. Those who want to leave are our people. I can't say anything bad about any of them. I can't remember them with bad adjectives like some bumps. We were with them. They had all the successes, but now they are in a mischief, and they want to leave us. We must do what suits us. We must be gathering, integrative, embracing everyone as old leaders do. We must remember that we owe everyone loyalty. Then you will see that no one in the mind of separation, separation, there will be no thought. If you do these things, if someone has decided to go to their minds, they have the responsibility. As a result, they fold. But the public should know. The leader of this party and his surroundings did everything they could to preserve the integrity of the party but nevertheless they went away. Then you will see no more than 3-5 people hanging out behind them, "he said.

You need to get rid of corruption in the AK Party's record Arinc, "The late Pakdemirli must have reminded us that only political experience. It was recently Kazan, was recently lost, was recently shed tears, was recently blown up with joy. No power in Turkey more than 10 years life has not been telling the prime minister of the AK Party at that time was almost completed 14 years. Now, in 17 years 'eh, not property to the court the woman, it is enough' say can advertisers. so, you will lose me if we are powerless Turkey will win it? I would lose I think. Then you must do the AK Party the right jobs our only requirement is that the country in more than they should serve, unity and integrity protected, must embrace everyone. everyone should be cleared of enemies who sedition elements and we have to relive a golden era in Turkey. 12 thousand to 2 thousand dollars spindle income, exports rose to $ 160 billion from $ 16 billion 2023 figures stayed away, but maybe our little shook again, recovered Turkey's financial and emotional development can come to a very good point, I think. " said.