The Zurich Agents Group is a member of the National Agents Syndicate. The experience with Anapa and Vincenzo Cirasola is over

The Zurich Agents Group is a member of the National Agents Syndicate. The experience with Anapa and Vincenzo Cirasola is over

MILAN - It is a bitter and at the same time hopeful letter that sent by the President Enrico Ulivieri to all the members of the Zurich Agents Group. A letter with which the farewell to the association guided by & nbsp; Vincenzo Cirasola and above all & nbsp; a political-union idea no longer in line with that of the leaders of the GAZ is sanctioned.

"As you all know - writes Ulivieri - about a year ago, I resigned as deputy vice president of Anapa-ReteImpres Agency because I found myself in complete disagreement politically. The hemorrhage of the agent groups left by Anapa, the lack of a a real and shared political line reflecting the commitments initially expressed in favor of the category, forced me to do my duty to resign, my resignation was very painful, but to date I believe and confirm that the choice made was the right one.

I do not deny the experience and commitment I have dedicated to the category, together with some colleagues who, like me, believed in a model of representation aimed at safeguarding and common growth. Those colleagues, like me, have left Anapa, but the fact remains that our commitment and our courage must continue, with the same unity of purpose. Over time, we have carefully waited and evaluated what were the real strategies and actions put in place by both representations in order to choose which was the best way for us. I won't deny you that the bitterness of having two top level representatives still didn't make the evaluations of the Board of Directors easy. Just like looking at the horizon from a different position, in some ways far away from us but certainly closer today than in the past and with respect to the alternative, it will require time and commitment from everyone.

Therefore, with a vote expressed by a large majority, I inform you that the Board of Directors has approved the joining of the Zurich Agents Group to the National Agents' Union ".

three of our colleagues registered with ANAPA issued a letter against the President Enrico Ulivieri and against the democratic choice of our board to join the SNA.

Our three colleagues signed themselves first as members of the GAZ then with their roles in ANAPA and not content with this have seen fit to publish their communication through ANAPA.

I want to express our total disagreement with what has been written and how our three colleagues are continuing the defamatory action against us and against the category, almost as if the choice of being SNA should be paid with blood.

We ask our union an exemplary action that explains to these colleagues and to ANAPA that all this is the result of personal vendettas and the anger of those who cannot accept to have lost.

We want to express our total solidarity with President Ulivieri and the board in office for having courageously decided to vote by majority vote for joining the SNA, thus complying with the provisions of the articles of the Zurich Agents Group.

the three colleagues were part of the old board, and then they professed to be friends of President Ulivieri and GAZ, precisely those who today betray him by invoking that coherence of which they have never been able.

We also ask that Antinori, Mainolfi and Giustiniani be subjected to disciplinary measures and expelled by the Zurich Agents group because they are an Anapa instrument that in a non-democratic way publishes lies and anger.

I am sure that our cry will be heard by the SNA and the truth and consistency, the real one, will win as an exemplary battle for the whole category of insurance agents.

Anapa behaves like companies, divides, insinuates malice and malice and the damage they have done to us will certainly be asked for in the offices in charge because we have no intention of letting it run.

Have you read the falsehoods written in the letter by the three paladins of Aniapa? Just ignorance or real lies? Solidarity with Ulivieri and SNA against these mystifications

Perhaps because it serves no purpose? It does not serve the category, it does not serve the individual member ... Since its birth to today it has produced nothing! His only purpose was to generate disorder and conflict with Sna. As if its purpose, right from its birth, was to demolish the Sna who had the courage to expel Cirasola. Meanwhile, Sna, led by President Demozzi, continues to increase its consensus with initiatives of high political importance and protection of the category, but with particular attention to the trade union protection of the individual agent. Ready to defend his writing from any situation of conflict with his client. And this is probably the element of extreme interest of the members: being able to count on strong initiatives of protection in every location. With this spirit Sna completes 100 years of life, in the trust of every painting, to be able to be a comfort to the colleague in every moment of need. This is the spirit that has kept the institution alive and will continue to keep it alive in the future. I am very happy that Ulivieri, along with all the other presidents of Gaa who preceded him leaving Anapa, can also contribute to the Committee of Gaa Sna.

Honor and recognition for the entire Managing Committee of the Zurich Agents Group and its President Enrico Ulivieri for the clear decision taken: it is not everyone's courage to rethink their positions. Dear colleagues, welcome back to the common home.

excellent result for the agents' union and its leader who is once again rewarded by time, but the Zurich agent group should now begin to think of a change of its leadership or am I wrong? after so many hesitations, does Ulivieri have to take a pause for personal reflection?

When it was founded, Anapa presented itself as the forge of the activities of the agent groups, blinking clearly to the model of the Agèa, the union of French insurance agents, in fact a federation of agent groups. An unrealistic view, as time and events have shown: Italy is not France and agency models and mentalities are different and require a different model of interaction between the generalist representation and those of the GAAs. This model, which existed well before the birth of Anapa, is called Sna, the common home of Italian agents, to which, one after another, the Gaa and colleagues disappointed by the experience with Anapa are returning. Cirasola should take note that it is time to release the last few hundred members left and dissolve his association

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