The UQ medal was declared the 2020 Queensland Rhodes Scholar

The UQ medal was declared the 2020 Queensland Rhodes Scholar

Brisbane engineer Nicholas Salmon is Queenslands' newest Rhodes Scholar and will spend the following year at the University of Oxford researching the most efficient ways to produce fertilizer or energy to produce green ammonia.

Mr. Salmon holds a bachelor's degree and a first class master's degree in engineering (chemical engineering) from the University of Queensland and won the University Medal in 2017.

He works as a process engineer at Bauxite and Alumina's global center of excellence for engineering, technical and professional services at Worley.

As an engineer, I contribute to my team by finding technical solutions that reduce the consumption of water, energy and resources for our customers in an economically sound manner, said Mr. Salmon.

We need engineering solutions that allow us to continue to grow and prosper sustainably, while reducing emissions and solving the economic challenges of switching to green energy.

The University of Oxford is currently using renewable energy to produce green hydrogen and then green ammonia using the Haber Bosch process.

Australia has a lot of renewable energy, while other large energy consumers, such as India, Japan and Korea, have much less scope for abundant renewable energy production.

My research would identify the most efficient ways to combine different renewable energy sources to produce green ammonia as a fertilizer or energy source.

He also created and taught a discussion module for postgraduate students and gave several hours of his time as a coach of the Queensland School Debate Team, whose team became national champions in 2016.

Rhodes Scholarships are postgraduate awards established in 1903 under the leadership of the late Cecil John Rhodes for outstanding, all-encompassing students studying at Oxford.

Qualities offered to Cecil Rhodes scholarship applicants include: academic and intellectual excellence, character integrity, respect for fellow human beings and leadership.

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