The testing of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline Kitekintő.hu has reached its final stage

The testing of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline Kitekintő.hu has reached its final stage

On the offshore section of the Turkish Stream natural gas pipeline, gas filling of one of the two strands has begun as part of the commissioning and adjustment work, the South Stream Transport B.V. project company said on Friday in the final phase of testing.

According to a communiqué issued by the Russian news agency Interfax, the commercial exploitation of the pipeline is scheduled to begin later this year. Commissioning and adjustment work began after DNV-GL certified that both 32-inch wire strands meet their own standards for underwater pipelines and other standards. Uploading the second thread will begin once the operation has been completed on the first thread.

In Turkey, meanwhile, the construction of the receiving terminal is nearing completion. Turkish gas pipeline operator BOTAS is working on the first onshore pipeline section that will connect Turkish Stream to the country’s grid. At the same time, a joint venture between BOTAS and Russia's Gazprom is laying the pipeline to supply European countries.

The pressure needed to fill the pipeline from Gazprom's combined system to Turkey and south-eastern Europe is generated by the Ruskaya compressor station in Anapa. The pipelines will be charged from Anapa's onshore facilities to the receiving terminal at Kiyiköy on the Turkish Black Sea coast.

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The European Commission has allowed Germany to provide a state-guaranteed loan of € 550 million to Condor, a German interest in the bankrupt British tour operator Thomas Cook, the EU commission said on Monday.

Los Angeles movie palaces with a long history have survived many global ordeals over the decades, but the coronavirus epidemic seems to be undermining cinemas in the shining city, at least so far.

Disappointed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte's socio-economic relaunch scenario announced on Sunday night, in which Italians lack easing restrictions on access due to the coronavirus epidemic, bishops may urge reopening of churches destroys the country.

The coronavirus epidemic in Germany this year will lead to the worst economic downturn in German history after World War II, mass unemployment and waves of bankruptcy, according to a forecast by the federal government, from which details leaked on Monday.

If you love Italy, you must continue to keep a social distance, said Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at a press conference on Sunday evening, stressing that the curfew has not yet been lifted and that there will be a very long and difficult period in which to relaunch the economy. should be reconciled with "epidemic coexistence."

According to the UK Environment Secretary, employees of companies closed due to the new coronavirus outbreak could help with the fruit harvesting work that will soon begin on the land, as there will probably not be enough foreign seasonal workers to do the job.

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