The point on the Sna-Pegaso Telematic University agreement. Interview with Marcello Bazzano, member of the EN with responsibility for training

The point on the Sna-Pegaso Telematic University agreement. Interview with Marcello Bazzano, member of the EN with responsibility for training

MILAN - It was the end of 2017 when the national agents' union presented the first agreement with Mercatorum, the Pegaso Group's telematic university. A little over a year ago the university course began with the first examinations for registered agents. In the last semester of 2018 the new and current agreement was therefore signed directly with Pegaso Università & nbsp; Telematica. The first examinations were carried out in December 2018.

The time has therefore come to take stock of the union's university training project. & Nbsp; We are talking to Marcello Bazzano, a member of the Sna National Executive with responsibility for training.

The idea was to raise the basic culture of the agents, thus allowing all those who, for various reasons, had never started or terminated their university studies, to be able to obtain an academic title for the recognition of that right value that it is up to an insurance agent. Which, by definition, is a professional, subjected as such to precise educational obligations. Knowledge in the field of legal and regulatory matters, economic and tax law, sociological knowledge, labor law and employee management, as well as technical and commercial skills in product knowledge and marketing techniques for a correct consultancy approach to customers, they understand how much our profession asks in terms of preparation and experience.

The Telematic University was born precisely to offer an answer to all those who have the will to combine a very demanding job (young and old that they are) with the strong demand for a greater knowledge and a deeper knowledge of the fundamental themes for the their skills in order to better govern each process of their business. Then attend online university courses, in FAD mode, with the advantage of being able to access the lessons 24 hours a day and from anywhere, having a university tutor available for any necessary deepening, without having to buy books or lecture notes, as the material didactic can be consulted and downloaded from your account within the site, it represents a strong and concrete answer to the aforementioned question.

Yes, the exams take place in a physical classroom, to be chosen among the 75 existing locations of the Pegaso Università Telematica, in which the students are faced with a multiple choice test of 30 questions with four possible answers, of which only one is correct. In this regard, we have agreed and concentrated on carrying out the examinations of the so-called Sna classroom at the Pescara della Pegaso headquarters, although not all colleagues attend it preferring a location closer to their residence.

To facilitate the enrollment process, an initial evaluation is required, using the forms we have prepared, which will allow the Pegaso Secretariat to recognize University Formative Credits (CFU) in relation to previous university exams taken and the professional history resulting from the CV. In addition, the agreement provides for access with decidedly reduced costs by setting university tuition fees for the first year in 1,200 euros, for the second and third respectively for 1,700 euros all payable in four installments in addition to the annual regional tax of approximately 172 euros and 150 euros annually for the choice of the site where the exams are held, having access to the entire university catalog of the Pegaso which we invite you to consult by accessing the following link even if the choice of most of the registered colleagues was the Faculty of Business Economics (L18 - Miur) which offers specific training in business management.

As you already know, we have decided to extend the advantages of the Sna - Pegaso Convention as well as the members of the Syndicate also to all their collaborators, employees, relatives and relatives precisely to facilitate the process of professional growth and basic culture.

I would say yes! I like to underline the splendid experience of the current class group which I have the honor of coordinating and which, at each appeal, finds itself in the context of constructive confrontation, transforming the time of the exam into a good opportunity for growth, strengthening those human ties that are typical of the world of studies, in which one becomes a team and no one is left behind. By the end of this year, which I remember being the Centenary of the Syndicate, we could have the first two graduates in Business Economics crowning the dream of colleagues who believed in the project and found the strength and courage to get involved. The whole Formation Commission is at your complete disposal for any further information and we look forward to your CV together with the possible self-certification of the exams taken in other faculties besides the copy of the document and of the Italian tax code. that you can send to the email of the Sna university secretary [email protected] downloading the material available at the end of the article. Finally, we remind you that enrollment in Pegaso is always possible, in any month of the year, with the sole condition that at least 30 days must elapse before enrolling in the first exam.

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