The natural wonder of the Russian Eastern Black Sea coast: Gelencik

The natural wonder of the Russian Eastern Black Sea coast: Gelencik

Gelencik stands out with its significant advantages due to its very special geographical location compared to its closest 'rivals' along the Russian coast.

After leaving Anapa, our next stop is Gelencik. However, since the main road passes through Novorossiysk, Russia's largest settlement in the Eastern Black Sea, we stop by for a short time. The Russian Federation (RF) is the largest trading port on the Black Sea, and we skipped it in three years ago, as we describe it in detail for Universal readers. Towards Novorosskiysk, the Great Caucasus mountain range is beginning to reappear, both parallel and diagonal to the shore, and dense forested hills. Although the distance between Anapa and Gelencik cannon is 85-90 km; As the road is extremely curved in some places, it is a bit old and also has a single lane. While the names of the settlements were generally Russianized in the territory of the former Circassia, both along the road and on the coasts where the main road was not entered until Novorosskiysk bay, the village still retained its original archaic settlements such as Su-Psyeh, Abrau-Dyurso, Utrish, Miskhako and Kabardinka. possible to coincide. & nbsp;

Gelencik stands out with its significant advantages due to its very special geographical location compared to its closest “rivals boyunca along the Russian coast. One time; it is neither fully closed nor quite open, it has a magnificent bay-shaped bay. Latter; especially the lush green mountain range surrounding the north and north-east, this sympathetic city, whose name comes from the Turkish language, makes a great aestheticization of the city, especially from the south-facing city beaches. It does not have a port campus like Novorossiysk and Tuapse; the coastline of miles of natural and uninterrupted protection of the miles provided. Moreover, what makes Gelencik Gelencik undisputed; decorated with endless monuments and sculptures; decorated with arches, stylized white balustrades; the boulevard near the beach, which is refreshing by flower gardens, shaded by pine trees and decorated with high level European level, followed by modern cafes and restaurants. One of the paid beaches in Anapa is not found here, while the entrance to the city and public beaches is free and all daily sunbeds-umbrellas and shower-toilet service for the Turkish money is 30 TL. But Gelencik is not limited to these landscapes, of course. & Nbsp;

Gelencik’s old town is more or less like Anapa. With one basic difference; Since the first sign of the mountains is the high hills, the city is spreading to a topography that gradually descends down from three branches from small mountains like a concave bowl. This virus of the “New Russia an, which was introduced to traffic not only in big metropolises like Moscow but also in holiday resorts with the two thousand years, was not delayed in infecting Gelencik. Nevertheless, the old city core, which is made up of houses with lots of wooded, not a few floors, a garden that is more or less appealing to the eye and sometimes with a small courtyard, is as spacious and open as possible. On the other hand; The southern and southeastern neighborhoods of Gelencik seem to be slowly beginning to blockade by international construction terrorism. The multi-storey and voluminous group of ugly monuments are the direct proof that the present-day Russian bourgeoisie does not have cultural-artistic capital aside. & Nbsp;

As in almost every major point of the North-East Black Sea coastline, which is hundreds of kilometers long, the “Stalovayas”, that is, public cafeterias are very common and popular in Gelencik. Even though social cafeterias, which belonged to the state during the Soviet Union and were obliged to regularly produce cheap, quality and healthy home meals to the public, were still the only places where people could feed their bellies in the cleanest, most economical and hygienic way. Moreover, as in many other places, Gelencik's shore-facing one is called adı USSR Refectory ”. The reflection of the new ideology of the state ‘Neo-Patriotism’ is felt throughout Gelencik. On one side of the board, which consists of photographs of thousands of people who lost their lives during the Great Homeland War and we are remembered and proud, is written on the one side of Putin's words. reminds holidaymakers remotely. In the “Russian world, ği the tradition of making allegorical sculptures of ordinary people on the streets is quite common: with the camera and the backpack, the sculpture of a typical tourist shines under the plane trees on the embankment boulevard. When it's time for the evening, we'll head for our next stop after dozens of sanatoriums in the Soviet era… & nbsp; & Nbsp;

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