The line of the National Agents Syndicate wins. Fonage asks Covip to increase pensions

The line of the National Agents Syndicate wins. Fonage asks Covip to increase pensions

MILAN - We learn that during the Assembly of Delegates of the Pension Fund Agents, just ended in Rome (April 17th, ed), the President Francesco Libutti announced that he had submitted to Covip a formal request for an increase in pension benefits to the extent of 6 -7%. The decision, consistent with the request made by the National Agents' Union for over a year, matured following the careful actuarial checks carried out in the last few months in consideration of the relevant results of the Fund's technical reports. The request was delivered by Pec & nbsp; on April 8th and illustrated to Covip the same day by President Fonage Francesco Libutti.

The national President Sna Claudio Demozzi expressed his satisfaction for this first important step aimed at lightening the weight of the cuts made by the Extraordinary Commissioner for the Fund's services. We await the decisions of Covip, which is evaluating the Fund's request.

If it was for Cirasola Aniapa Ania Puglielli and company singing now we would all have a PIP-like of the principal and our pensions would not be that the misery of a set aside capital repaid in interest-free installments we understand it or not ?? if there had not been Demozzi and his very strong SNA we would have been without the pension fund and the privileges of being FONAGE agents

Frassica (nomen omen), why not simulate the provision in a PIP of an amount equal to the one paid annually to the Fonage and then come and tell us how much you would have received as a pension? In case you are not able to do it alone, I will do the calculation for you: in order to have a € 500.00 monthly pension you should have set aside approx. 150,000.00 euros and instead you will have set aside a third. This means that receiving € 500.00 a month subtracted half of the future pensioners, according to the extraordinary commissioner's calculations. I was you I would shut up and be ashamed

Alfredo also I had a cut but as insurers we know well the pensions must be sustainable and in line with the changing world and the life that lengthens besides having helped to save our pension fund fills me with pride and as you see the results are rewarding this strategy. grandiose fondage, grandiose libutti and grandiose the national union agents who saved goat and cabbage

I thank Bianchini for the diligence with which he wanted to participate in my "consternation" through a long telephone conversation. My compliments. Alfredo Frassica

My pension was also reduced from 395 euros a month to 185 euros a month - but I see the glass half full. First because the Fund was saved from closure and therefore, even if less, I continue to receive a pension according to Second because if the Fund had not intervened today the commissioner would have liquidated it. We would have lost the independence and freedom to pay our contributions into our Pension Fund. With the results achieved, there may be an increase of 6 or 7%. however, a victory for the people who supported the Fund, and a defeat for those who have fought against the Fund.

It is obvious that the maneuver of three years ago has upset the destructive plans of ANIA and ANAPA. what the ANAPA agents and perhaps not even the SNA subscribers did not understand is that ANIA's war with ANAPA is due to the fact that the agency networks are decisive for the economic and financial growth of the insurance companies (the networks agencies collect insurance companies hundreds of billions) without insurance agents, companies would default. Agents wake up you are the financial engine of the companies, realize it. Third, remember that for companies, agents are numbers and are part of their capital, with the difference that companies know very well, that when they blow up an agent there is immediately another ready to work with smaller commissions and with a further heavy administrative burden. All agents tend to defend their jobs. It is obvious that following blandishments by company executives who are put there on purpose to deceive and cajole still naive agents (and I know dozens of them) and maybe in a false confidence with the manager in charge they feel untouchable because maybe the same manager had promised them that no one would revoke them. Such agents then feel special, untouchable and always take positions in favor of the company. They no longer care about their true interests. However, for 50 years, ANIA has had a tactic and a strategy that has never changed by one point over time. The tactic is to deal with the representation of the agents, and to this end they send ANIA employees to discuss with our representatives. Instead, for 50 years their only strategy has been to destroy both the Fund and SNA. On their journey they do not want union obstacles or any manifestation of freedom. In fact they want to return to exclusive mandates (lame) so an agent who works for them cannot work for any other company; but instead they can open as many agencies as they want in the territory of the agent in question.

They want to have the agents' rooms available to them at any time even if the agent pays the rent and can enter the agency to change the keys and not to let the agent in any other way forward, without giving him the possibility of enter the agency to prepare the documents you need and access the program to download data that could be used to defend the agent. This way of working doesn't seem like work, it seems to me slavery. However everyone knows and all those I have spoken with confirm that the agents are all blackmailed by the companies. This is the fact that unfortunately still makes us weak. It is like in ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh did not want to free the Jews, when he freed them then he regretted them and chased them with the chariots up to the Red Sea. To take back the Jewish people that he considered his slave and of his property. Open your eyes until you are in time. Capital has no uncertainties or weaknesses, its purpose is to multiply itself. It's simple but the fate of billions of people is decided on this fact.

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