The leader in that photo shared: We are on the same ship

The leader in that photo shared: We are on the same ship

The 100th anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's step to Samsun on May 19, 1919 to start the Independence Struggle was celebrated with glorious ceremonies at home.

CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Felicity Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoğlu, MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli, BBP Chairman Mustafa Destici, DSP Chairman Önder Aksakal, Motherland Party Chairman Doğu Perinçek and Motherland Party ANAP) President İbrahim Çelebi attended the meeting. Leaders posed together.

After the photo, the leaders also gave messages via social media. General Chairman of the square together, while sharing messages about the MHP leader Bahceli 19 May, the message drew attention to share.

President Erdogan, publish and squared the leaders in social media, "Come on ... with the spirit of national struggle, hand in hand, giving their hearts Turkey to carry it further," added the message.

Vatan Party Leader Doğu Perinçek, who shared the photo of the leader from his account on social media, added the message iz We are on the Same Ship ”.

Perinçek, while tensions between the US and Turkey, "Erdogan opposition" and opposed the "Today with or against US imperialism Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey or America you're inside you're inside! There is no third ship! Yaz

The Felicity Party Leader Karamollaoğlu social media "Even though we have different ideas together are beautiful in Turkey. Together for good tomorrow ”.

BBP Leader Mustafa Destici said, “Even if our parties, ideas, thoughts, points of view and even our ideologies are different, when the need arises, for our State, for our country, for our nation, with the spirit of # 19May and # National Struggle, we will be alive İ shared photo.

CHP'li Bekaroğlu, Twitter, "Photo" We are on the same ship, "he shared. Well, if this ship does not receive the entire nation / can not receive, we can not reach the range ”shared the message.

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