The Fountain Lake EAST program focused on community service

The Fountain Lake EAST program focused on community service

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FOUNTAIN LAKE - Fountain Lake High School's educational services, accelerated by service and technology, look beyond the school's campus to provide the community with its uniquely suited tools and talents.

"Part of being in high school is that we have free time and we should help the community. So that's something we should definitely do," said Christopher Desfassiaux, a second-year student at EAST.

The year 2000 was the beginning of the program on Fountain Lake. Now about 90 people have participated in the school's EAST program. The class of students who participate in this six study periods per six school days, said EAST tutor Devry Rhodes.

Although the program is mostly student-led, Rhodes said he searched the Hot Springs City website for public service project ideas and sent about 30 emails to potential recipients.

Rhodes said county judge Darryl Mahoney replied that the Garland County Court House would be measured and modeled in three dimensions and a post oak tree would have to be measured on the courthouse's lawn. He said the students in the program were more than willing to do so.

Desfassiaux and Andrew Overton, a four-year-old EAST student, took part in project management. With the help of other students, the team creates separate three-dimensional renderings of the courthouse using two different types of image processing software.

"We're definitely in the early stages. We've walked through and measured most of the corridors and the yard, and we're obviously trying to make it as detailed as possible," he said.

Overton helped measure the 94-foot-tall oak tree on the manor's lawn, with a trunk 13.6 feet in circumference and a canopy crown, also called a crown, of 83.4 feet. >

Ethan Burke, an EAST student at Fountain Lake High School, is working on a 3D model of the Garland County Courthouse on Tuesday. - Photo: Sentinel-Record Richard Rasmussen

"It's also unique because the students benefit at once. It's good for everyone in the county. We got the information we wanted and needed, and some skills."

Several other projects in the program include mapping Hot Springs Village hiking trails 13, creating 3D-printed models of all buildings in the Fountain Lake school district, and designing a school logo.

Looking to the future, Rhodes hopes to create a 50th anniversary video for the Hot Springs Village community. Desfassiaux said the program was "trying to do a children's book-type thing" based on wildlife conservation "to raise awareness of endangered animals."

"The goal is definitely to help the community, but with the technology we have here at school that you can't easily get anywhere else or that would cost money," he said.

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