Technopolis "Era" in Anapa will cooperate with Moscow State University

Technopolis Era in Anapa will cooperate with Moscow State University

On October 22, an expanded meeting of the Public Council under the Russian Ministry of Defense took place in the Era technopolis in Anapa.

Academics, heads of various associations and political scientists gathered at a round table of the military technopolis. The main theme is the role of the Council in promoting the development of military science. Reports about it "Kuban 24".

“The relevance of creating a technopolis is due to the need to reduce the time from the creation of innovative scientific projects to the implementation of military and special equipment in the form of armaments,” said Vladimir Ivanovsky, the acting head of the military innovation technopolis “Era”.

The uniqueness of the Era is not only in the symbiosis of science and military service. With the support of the Public Council and Moscow colleagues from Moscow State University, on the basis of the technopolis, it is possible to create a platform for professional retraining and advanced training of employees and representatives of the Ministry of Defense.

“The most important thing is the return. The return is not only that there should be a new technique. The return is that a completely new generation of guys is appearing, they are already coming to serve not just to dig trenches, not to tighten the nuts. Today they are creating a new future for the army, ”said Pavel Gusev, Chairman of the Public Council at the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

In the technopolis 200 draftees are serving. These are university graduates whose average diploma score is at least four and a half. At their age, military personnel already have patents, scientific articles, diplomas of all-Russian and international levels. To get into the elite of the army, they all went through a tough selection.

“Our work will allow us to conduct research in the field of radar reconnaissance of the area. We will be able to receive images from the earth’s surface regardless of weather conditions and time of day, ”said the operator of the scientific company Grigory Gulev.

Here they are called not soldiers, but operators of a scientific company. And the living conditions are not barracks, more like a hostel. The members of the delegation on October 22 were convinced of this while familiarizing themselves with the infrastructure of the technopolis. The maximum interest was a tour of the night buildings. The delegation members were able to see 14 laboratories, six of them are working on creating new directions. Among them, for example, are small spacecraft and artificial intelligence technologies.

Young minds also showed guests, in the forefront of which the chief heart surgeon of the Ministry of Health of Russia Leo Bokeria, the work of 3D printers. On them, engineers print models of human organs for preoperative planning.

Most military personnel want to continue contract service. Moreover, almost everyone in stock has a whole set of ideas and ambitious plans for scientific activity. And in this, the technopolis "Era" will help. By next year, the military innovation platform plans to expand the territory of laboratories.

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