Techmash introduced new generation shells in Anapa - View Info

Techmash introduced new generation shells in Anapa - View Info

/ Techmash concern of Rostech state corporation will present innovations in ammunition at Technopolis Era Military Innovation (Anapa, Krasnodar region) from July 24 to July 26, 2019.

The exposure includes new armor-piercing, sub-caliber, penetration-enhancing projectiles that were first demonstrated at the Ministry of Defense's forum. The 125 mm Lead-2 projectiles and the Mango-M experimental model are designed for firing at armored targets, such as tanks, including enhanced dynamic defense, self-propelled artillery and shells. Ammunition can be used for firing D-81 (2A26, 2A46M) smooth-bore tank cannon. These are the latest models of ammunition, whose armor penetration increases by more than 20%.

"The standard projectile passes through 230 mm armor, Mango-M 280 mm, and Lead-2 300 mm. Improved ammunition technical features ensure that practically the entire spectrum of armored weapons and military equipment is destroyed by a potential enemy at a distance of more than 2 km, ”notes Techmash CEO Vladimir Lepin.

Another example is a 122mm unmanaged rocket launcher with detachable high-explosive rocket head for MLRS "Tornado-D", to destroy open and concealed manpower, unarmored equipment and other targets. The rocket can effectively hit targets behind the folds of the terrain (reverse slopes, breaks, etc.) and in the mountains. The range of the projectile is 5 to 20 kilometers. The temperature range of combat use ranges from –50 ° C to + 50 ° C. The impact efficiency of this missile is on average 6 times higher than that of the standard non-guided high explosive shell projectile of the Grad system.

Major exhibits include the multipurpose RMG disposable grenade launcher. In terms of tactical and technical characteristics, it surpasses the world analogues. It is designed to effectively destroy crews of lightly armored vehicles, as well as manpower in open spaces, urban buildings, field shelters and bunkers.

Another model, the TBG-7VL, is designed to strike manpower and firing points in open areas, in trenches and field shelters, as well as lightly armored and unarmored vehicles.

Of the fuze samples presented, B-429 can be noted. They are intended for assembly of high-explosive shells of field and naval artillery, of tank and anti-tank guns, howitzers with a caliber between 76 and 203 mm. There is an anti-knock mechanism.

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