I had to allocate this week's position to the employees of Özçelik İş ve Teknik A.Ş. I cannot say no to those who ask me for help due to the construction. Although the subject I wrote did not concern me, I could not remain insensitive. Just be right for me. On a subject that I do not believe, I definitely do not move the pen.

The subject of this week's writing will be for the company and its authorized union, which was entitled Teknik A.Ş when THY / Teknik, which I served for 30 years and 6 months, exactly.

As you know, I was the UTED chairman for 19 years. Now you can spend 19 years between the years 1986-2006 and why it would be 19 years. I want to clarify this issue that you do not know before moving on to the location. At that time, an election was held in two years. I have not been in the third election as a management after two terms, 4 years as president, and supported another friend… When the chairman of the newly arrived administration was appointed to Singapore one year later, an extraordinary general meeting was compulsory again and until 2006 after he was brought back to management by the members, we continued and let go.

Because in 1987, we found my duty as the president of the association sufficient because of the improvement of 148% except for the collective bargaining agreement for Licensed Technicians. As the president and our management, we thought that it is not possible to achieve a greater success than this and we withdrew from the complete association management and gave way to new friends. & nbsp; Of course, the head of the union at that time was İbrahim Öztürk. (He was elected MP from ANAP after union duty)

Now I will explain to you the reasons why THY management has made a very high improvement in technique by 25% -144%.
At that time, the private airline rush began in our country, which does not end with counting;

Istanbul airlines, & nbsp; Noble Air, Top Air, Albatros, Tarhan Tower, Anatolia, World Focus, & nbsp; MAŞ Air, Aktif Air, Haliç Cargo, Baron Air Cargo, Kuzu Cargo, ULS Cargo, Tayfun Air Cargo, & nbsp; & nbsp; Hürkuş Airlines, Air İnter, Best Air, Green Airlines, Air Alfa, SAGA, Sultan Air, Talia Air, & nbsp; GTI Airlines, Holiday Airlines, Mediterranean Airlines, Birgen Air, Bodrum Imsik Airlines, Bursa Airlines, Taurus, Air Alfa, Tour Europe, Fly Air, Turquoise Air, Narcissus airlines etc…

Where would these airlines, of which I wrote some of the above, find the plane technician at that time? & nbsp; Of course, the only source is from THY. Licensed / authorized Aircraft Technician is not available in other companies… I just became the new UTED chairman and the above companies were on the hunt for licensed technicians, including me. As a fee, astronomical figures were floating in the air.

We were surprised at what to do. Almost all licensed technicians started to flee to private airlines at least 3 times more than in THY. Of course, I had an astronomical offer from NOBLE Airlines (Asil Nadir's company). (I was exactly 3 times the salary I received from THY) & nbsp; However, I have become the new UTED president, people have trusted me, how can I escape. While my full members have needs for the association ... (all the Associations, TALPA-TASSA, MÜH DER etc ... would work like a union) Professional associations are more important than the union in the eyes of the employer. Because they are not the intermediaries of the employees, but themselves.

At that time, we reached the prime ministers and explained our low wage problem and led to the 148% improvement. & Nbsp; 148% improvement to Aircraft Technicians coincides with those days when it was not a collective bargaining period in 1987. & nbsp;

Union president İbrahim Öztürk Bey signed this improvement initiated by UTED under one condition. A 25% hike was stipulated for unlicensed technicians and engineers, and was accepted and signed. (THY Board of Directors can find the reason for the September 4, 1987 board decision from its archives and see the reason why 148% improvement was made)

We have a proverb; No breast is given to those who do not cry.

As far as I follow, there is a licensed technician escape these days… If this escape continues like this, Turkish Airlines has an incredibly hard time. This is the reason why İlker Aycı said to the gentlemen that “There is an administrative weakness in Teknik A.Ş.”.

I do not know if the management of Teknik AŞ can see these problems and the future danger. Even if they can see, can they give information to the senior management of THY? Can they describe potential danger, not just information? I do not think so. & Nbsp;

When the technician tells his problem, who is the manager's defeat that says "turn off the last lights"? When he turns off the last light, he gets a job instantly, but what about you, Mr. Manager, what do you do? (Those who want to say that they want to go out, this employee has mentioned the name of my dear person by commenting) The manager becomes constructive, not disappointing… & nbsp; HOW IS THIS MANAGER? ...

Nowadays, the same problems prevail in Teknik A.Ş in the 80's and 90's. The union is targeted rather than the employer, which is interesting these days. We saw the passivity of Özçelik İş's management in the negotiations of collective bargaining agreements. Besides their passivity, the fact that they received 10% attorneyship service from the differences distributed to the victims of circulars from employees was almost TALIKED.

Especially, getting the BMW740 to the head of the union has finished.

The breaking point is again the words of the president of the union. “I don't know exactly, but my salary says between 30,000 and 50,000 TL”. In fact, the salary is symbolic. Expenses are written to the union. The salaries of the bodyguards are, of course, covered by the union if there is a gas money and a driver of the office car.

Where would he eat his salary? Of course, it is difficult for him to remember the figure that was in the bank account.
No need to withdraw money from a bank account.

In fact, this president is obviously an open hand. It has not forgotten its subordinates, namely branch chairs and representatives. Because they are so tired ...

God knows, even the aviation branch has a public car. Their spending must also be covered by the union.

During the collective bargaining agreement, the men worked day and night, ate, and ran here and there. For whom? Of course, for you employees of Teknik A.Ş.