Symbolic phase completed in Turkish Movement: Passing and shore sections combined

Symbolic phase completed in Turkish Movement: Passing and shore sections combined

Turkish Stream natural gas pipeline passing through the sea and shore sections are combined. This symbolizes the completion of all phases of the creation of a natural gas transport system for the line in the Black Sea.

With the completion of the so-called "Overwater Welding", the shore crossing and offshore pipelines were merged. The welding points to which the connection was made were placed at a depth of 32 meters by lowering the pipeline to the sea floor.

The same procedure was carried out in Russian waters last January-February on both lines. Deep water construction was carried out by Pioneering Spirit, the world's largest construction ship, and Lorelay construction in shallow water.

Upon completion of the Surface welding process, in Anapa, Russia & nbsp; located in the Kiyiköy in Turkey's Thrace coast by land Purchases output terminal facility was actually linked together.

The Russkaya Compressor Station and the Turkish Stream pipeline system, which will create the pressure that enables natural gas to move along the Black Sea, have already been completed and the stand-by facility in Anapa

With the completion of the Purchasing Terminal in Kıyıköy in the coming months, & nbsp; Turkish Stream will be ready for operation. The flow of natural gas from TürkAkım is planned to begin by the end of 2019.

It was built under the Black Sea directly to Turkey, & nbsp from Russia, continues in Turkey's neighboring a natural gas pipeline that will extend to the borders with countries project, the first of türkakım lines to Turkey, while the second South and Southeast European countries & nbsp; natural gas is expected to supply.

The capacity of each line is 15.75 billion cubic meters. The construction of the submarine section of the pipeline system is carried out by South Stream Transport, headquartered in the Netherlands.