Surprising table: September holiday prices in Russia flew!

Surprising table: September holiday prices in Russia flew!

The Russian Association of Tour Operators published a study analyzing the prices of destinations in September. According to the survey, in September, the most popular holiday destinations in Russia, even in high season prices are behind.

According to a survey conducted by Russian tour operators Bieliği based on prices between 9th and 12th of September, the price of the 10-day holiday is even higher than the prices in early August. In the study, attention was drawn especially to the height of prices in Turkey in September.

Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Croatia, Tunisia, Anapa, research comparing the Crimea and Sochi in September, price, 2 people for 10 days, was out of hotel accommodation all-inclusive, including flights and transfers. Prices in Turkey and Tunisia only levied on all-inclusive hotel in research, noted that the highest rates in Turkey.

In Turkey, indicating that the price reached the highest level in August, September, ATR, whereas the price of 7.9 percent in Spain, pointed out that Montenegro fell 6.9 percent. The price increase for destinations in September were as follows: Turkey - 40.9 percent, Italy - 23.1 percent, Bulgaria - 19 percent, Croatia - 13 percent, Tunisia - 11.3 percent, Greece - 8.6 percent, Cyprus - 5.1 percent.

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