Spectacular sword fights will be held in Anapa

Spectacular sword fights will be held in Anapa

On September 28 at 12.00 a bright event will take place in the amphitheater of the Anapa Archaeological Museum - the VI tournament of historical fencing “The Sword of the Black Sea”.

The tournament is traditionally attended by members of historical clubs not only in the Krasnodar Territory, but also in other regions of Russia. Participants will compete in the nominations: “Sword Shield” (early Middle Ages), “Free Choice” (early Middle Ages), “Team Fights” (earlier the Middle Ages). At the end of the tournament, spectators are waiting for incredible passions of team fights, where several participants will fight for victory on the amphitheater site at once.

The Anapa residents and guests of the resort town have long fallen in love with the “Sword of the Black Sea” for the entertainment, emotionality and special courageous energy emanating from each participant in the tournament.

The ringing of swords and shields, bearded heroes dressed in armor, strict judges in caftans and robes, shouts of victory and the pain of defeat - all this is the “Sword of the Black Sea”.

The organizers invite everyone. Free admission.

The governor believes that power outages in hospitals are unacceptable. Yesterday, April 21, the head of the region discussed the problems of energy supply with & nbsp; the head of Rosseti, Pavel Livinsky, and the head of PJSC Kubanenergo, Sergey Sergeyev. “The energy supply to health facilities and livelihoods during a pandemic should be stable. In the region, nine clinics are redesigned as infectious hospitals. These institutions need special control, interruptions [...]

Corresponding changes were made to the resolution of the governor No. 129. In order to prevent the threat of a new coronavirus infection, visit to cemeteries is limited until April 30, with the exception of cases related to burial. It will be possible to remember the deceased relatives at the walls of the temples, in compliance with all sanitary and hygienic measures. As we already reported, in Anapa, visits to cemeteries due to coronavirus are limited, and services in temples are held [...]

According to the information of the regional operational headquarters, as of the morning of April 21, cases of coronavirus in the region were recorded in 34 municipalities. By the number of recorded cases and deaths from them, cities and areas can be divided into three groups: Leaders. 1. & nbsp; Krasnodar & nbsp; - 158 (6 dead); 2. Sochi & nbsp; - 69; 3. Tuapse district & nbsp; - 40; 4. Korenovsky district– 34; 5. Yeisk [...]

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