Socialist who voted for the Democrat Party

Socialist who voted for the Democrat Party

October 15, 2012 was the day when the economist writer Tevfik Çavdar died. I knew Özden and Tevfik Çavdar couple from some panels and meetings before. On Thursday, March 6, 2009, we had a long conversation with tea at their home in Ankara Yeni Mahalle. I even asked how he evaluated some of the historical developments I had in mind while finding this opportunity. Because Tevfik s Rye, Turkey's recent history, one of the people who read the newspapers day by day that I learned.

Tevfik Çavdar speaks with a beautiful, argumentative and exciting style. The books and writings he enriched with his knowledge accumulating from his researches, as well as his passion for novels, cinema, music, and the culture he distilled, are read as well as stimulating and guiding.

Tevfik Çavdar was a socialist intellectual, a socialist economist. He always questioned who selected policy, who made the decisions, to which classes and sections. With his mind and heart he was for the working class and the oppressed. He always worked in one way or another in political parties and unions. In this article, I would like to convey some of his evaluations, like a bee, that put the essence of life or politics into words.

Being the son of a Unionist father who participated in the War of Independence and admired Talat Pasha and a teacher mother who loved reading and cinema laid the foundation of Tevfik Çavdar's personality. In Adana, where the class difference is clearly visible, its growth and economic education have shaped its political choice. The math foundation is strong, it uses numbers, statistics, but knows that numbers and statistics are also used to deceive people, it warns us.

Statistics is useful for two things; one is right to tell the other one to lie. Statistics is a friend and guide for the administrations in which the workers will be in power. To the driver of the car: you will go as fast as this, there is a bend right there. But time also leads the exploiter.

Tevfik Çavdar votes for the first time in the municipal elections held after the 1950 general election. The mother, who was affected by the deception of democracy, voted for the Democratic Party together. In the 1954 election, question marks begin in the Rye heads. Freedom but to whom? In the early ages, the slave was the right of freedom, the slave owners, to be certain in society. To whom freedom in the Middle Ages? Not to overlords, serfs. To whom is freedom in the age of capitalism rising? Not to capital, to you, to me. We realized this only in the second half of the fifties. In the sixties, the Constitution changed. We met with my favorite dear friend Muzaffer Erdost's Sol Yayınları and basic books. Then Ant Publishing All left publications taught us a lot.

It must have been a reliable personality that surrounded him, and they called him Baba Tevfik. Tevfik Çavdar is a person who is happy quickly. It makes him happy to talk to the panels organized for workers by traveling all over the country and to prepare brochures to enlighten the workers. Every time we breathe in this world, when we learn to be happy, we can be productive. If you are unhappy, you are fighting with yourself first and you cannot produce anything. In the diseases of the people I love, I become helpless. When I heard about the death of my brother-in-law, Ulvi Uraz, I had to travel. It was a terrible desperation. Helplessly, happiness is the brothers of man.

planning in Turkey; He was born as a program, the quarrel grew, and he was completed only as an advisory board. What happens in the future? As long as this globalization process continues, planning is no longer on the agenda. But it has to come

The plan does not come up, land reform does not come up. What happens Over time, the market completely determines the distribution of investments within its own mechanisms, which goods, why, for whom, why, and which technology to use. In this order, the dominant market is the invisible hand. The market is the big brother who follows you. He watches, decides. He already knows who to protect.

Tevfik Çavdar performs academic education in various higher education institutions. He continues this task in unions. This training business starts when Muzaffer Saraç is the secretary of education in Yol-İş and continues with Petrol-İş, Kristal-İş, Genel-İş. These trainings showed me a lot: First, I saw how difficult it was for the worker to become conscious. I got to know people with real working class consciousness. Some of our trade unionists accept unionism as a profession. This is how the union's mouth is born. However, unionism is not a profession, but a trade unionism is the duty of the working class organization to protect you. This is both Türk-İş and DISK.

Tevfik Çavdar prepares small booklets for labor unions as manuals of laborers, some of which are in the form of a picture novel, as in Ali and Fitnat's Story.

Tevfik Çavdar retires in 1980 and, in fact, decides to continue his political work in SODEP, which was founded in 1983 by Muzaffer Saraç and a group of unionists. In the municipal elections, he is selected both as a member of Yeni Mahalle Municipal Council and as a member of Ankara Metropolitan Council. At that time, ANAP was in power. The impression of Rye is as follows: Whether you are a member of parliament or a deputy, you cannot do anything unless you are in power.

In the first congress of SODEP, Çavdar is elected to the Central Decision Executive Board with the suggestion of a group led by Kemal Anadol and has been carrying out this task for nearly eight years. He served as vice president for three years during İnönü and Aydın Güven Gürkan periods. He said that I was a person whose ideas were used more in the Party with a voice of disappointment. He is never a candidate for deputies. I'm asking why. His answer clearly explains one of the main mistakes in our particle: You see, they don't, they won't do you. A very valuable, accumulated person, retired Professor Cahit Talas became a candidate, but was not listed by the party rulers in the center poll.

I said I knew the truth, both in the party assembly, in the central office, and when I became vice president. What I was saying was adopted if it was for the work of the party rulers, and if it was not, it was denied.

Erdal Inonu, Turkey does not know until the policy, did not know the people. He always said he didn't like politics. But it was a real light, he always tried to solve an equation while going somewhere by party buses. He brought TÜBİTAK to a serious academy level and formed the Academy of Sciences. He had a very clear attitude towards nuclear energy. He advised not to move away from nuclear physics, nuclear power plants. He argued that if security measures were taken very well in nuclear power plants, electricity could be obtained very cheaply. Don't do it, don't deny it, he used to say. He knew these issues well because he was a nuclear physicist.

After 1980, the big plunder started, called privatization. The capital accumulation that the republic created by us, with all of our money, was publicized, the premises, the factories, the preliminary offer prices that are not determined who determined how and how they were looted and looted. The most elite, most efficient economic units are gone.

Ecevit's a sin to connect to an overnight decision immediately Helsinki to Turkey yi is increasingly making nominations to the European Union. This is Copenhagen Criteria, etc. always appeared this way. You have already been added to the USA and you are also joining the EU. This was not enough, an economic shooter made Ecevit again. Kemal Derviş became the Minister responsible for the Treasury. You know what he's doing

Reading, researching, analyzing political and economic developments and saying the conclusions with courage, writing has been a lifestyle for Tevfik Çavdar. Four-fifths of my life has been spent on telling the working class about the blindness created by the capital class through writing and various communication channels. Capital reinforces its economic and political sovereignty through a widespread blinding operation that extends from intellectuals to all the capillaries of society. The media discuss and stop the events that do not fill the fig core for days. Intellectuals repeat the injected concepts like parrots and cut down on morality.

What was Tevfik Çavdar thinking about struggle and hope: Our generation, we expected everything to happen. The issue of Damping the Soviet Union says in Molotov: have we established socialism or not? They are also discussing this in their heads. But they remained in power for 70 years. The Spartacus lasted 7 days, the Paris Commune lasted 70 days. It will take perhaps 700 years from now.

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