SKOR North - does Hughes see if the Vikings are patient with Rhodes?

SKOR North - does Hughes see if the Vikings are patient with Rhodes? By Matthew Coller | @MatthewColler
October 8, 2019 7:48 AM
EAGAN - There weren't too many moments on Sunday to write home about the crime of the New York giants.

The Minnesota Viking defenses - as they often do - harassed the original team for a poor game that resulted in just 10 points. But one of his bright moments in Sunday afternoon's race was receiver Darius Slayton's 35-yard landing pass.

Two years ago, Viking fans would have been shocked to see Xavier Rhodes, the cornerstone separating Slayton from Auburn, who had chosen the fifth round, but recently his opponents attacked Pro Bowler and succeeded.

Head coach Mike Zimmer was shown in a television broadcast in a rush behind the veterans' defense.
"He was in a bad position early on and then he didn't make a good catch up until he started looking back," Zimmer said on Monday. & Nbsp;

In 2016, Rhodes gave up only 47.0 throws at him. The opposing QB had 48 taps and five interceptions (per PFF) in 48.0% of the runs. Since then, the number has risen every year - from a very strong 77.4 rating in 2017 - to an average over-average of 88.4 last year - to 115.4 in the first five games.

Rhodes has promised to perform a total of 22 times 27 times for 236 yards. He ranked & nbsp; By PFF classes, 72nd place from the corner kick last season and is 64th out of 70 this year.

Rhodes has had problems with penalties throughout its career, carrying out 29 interventions in 2016-2018, but these flags were less relevant. In five games, he has already been called for interference, illegal contact, defenselessness and horse collar equipment.

Zimmer attributed some problems to the technique.

"I think we need to clean the technique not only with him, but also with some of our defensive backs," Zimmer said. "We still have some guys who need to clean up their equipment. At times throughout the game, they can be ideal 60-70% of the time and then the remaining 30% they become sloppy. We need to clean it up. "

However, the decline of Rhodes has not been overlooked by the head coach of the Vikings, who said at the owners' meetings this season that Rhodes needs to improve its game and earn a contract. The former first round election has not been used as a corner of the island this year, as it has done before.

"That doesn't mean it happens every week," Zimmer said. "That's exactly how we decided to do it this particular week."

Some defects can be caused by the accumulation of injuries. Last season, Rhodes missed out on two games, but he seemed to have been moody all year. He has languished several times this season.

There is another option. It is possible that the Vikings drafted Mike Hughes in 2018 with a plan to lose Trae Waynes as a free agency, but he may instead be ready to replace Rhodes if the veterans' game does not improve. Hughes had three push-ups on Sunday and has given up a total of nine catches on 15 targets just 62 yards away.

"Mike played very well," Zimmer said. "His technique was really good. He had a couple of bad plays there. The one where they caught the ball straight out of the end zone should have been his game, and he had another game that wasn't very good. He played very, very well the rest of the time. He played well in the running game. A few times he could have been better suited to the running game, but in general I thought he played very well. He competed. He used good technique. He got his hands on a few bullets, so it was good to see. "

The Vikings cannot consider change until their nickel angle Mackensie Alexander returns as a result of elbow damage. He went out against Atlanta in week 1, then returned to Chicago in week 4, but was not available in New York. It is unclear what the prognosis is for Alexander, but he found himself a capable source in the second half of 2018, so it would be wise for him to take back that job when he was healthy.

Another option for the Vikings is to rotate Rhodes and Hughes to keep them as fresh as possible. Despite the poor numbers, there have still been times this season where Rhodes has shown signs of his old self. Certainly, his contract does not overlap with the angle of rotation, but they can choose to adjust the direction of the two angles.

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