Singer from Anapa received permanent residence in Ukraine

Singer from Anapa received permanent residence in Ukraine Soloist & nbsp; groups of Yuko & nbsp; Julia Yurina received a certificate of permanent residence in Ukraine

“Yes, I got permanent residence, finally. I can be congratulated on this. Received a residence permit. I made this look for three years and without outside help I still needed a very, very long time, ”she admitted in an interview with the social life program.

We remind you that the Yuko & nbsp; group was a member of the National selection for Eurovision-2019, and Yurina admitted during the selection that she wants to get a Ukrainian passport.

In Ukraine, dual citizenship is prohibited, and in the case of obtaining Ukrainian, Julia must withdraw from Russian citizenship.

As we already reported, Julia Yurina was born and grew up & nbsp; in Anapa. & Nbsp; Here, at the resort, her love for folklore and music was born. At the age of three, her parents brought the girl to the exemplary art ensemble of the Cossack song & nbsp; “Soloveyko”, in which she sang until the age of 17.

Yurina has been working in Ukraine since 2012, in 2016 the performer took part in the contest “Voice of the Country” and got into the team of Ivan Dorn, loudly declaring herself. Subsequently, with the musician Stas Korolev, she organized the band Yuko.

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