"Since 1950 ..."

Since 1950 ...

On May 14, 1950, the DP came to power. DP received 560 out of 600 municipalities. The first female mayor was Müfide İlhan from DP. In 55, the DP won the majority. Other parties and independents received serious votes. In this single-grade election, the independent winners passed to the DP after a while.

On 17 November 1963, 6 parties entered the local elections. AP 500, CHP 337, Independent 139, YTP 55, CKMP 8, MP 6 won the municipality. This election landmark city council, 50 percent of the provincial general assembly, the AP, the CHP took a third.

The election to be held on 17 September 1967 was postponed to 2 June 1968. 8 parties participated in AP, CHP, CKMP, MP, TYPE, YTP, BP and Trust Party. A significant decline was observed in the CHP. 1973 interesting elections, two months after the general elections on December 9, 1973 led by Ecevit CHP Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, including 33 municipalities took over. In those years, the number of provinces was 67. AP was elected as mayor in 22 provinces, MSP in 3 provinces, DP in 1 province and independent candidates in 8 provinces. In these elections after the March 12 memorandum, the AP left the CHP the first place. It is worth remembering that Şenay, the song of this election, is "Sev Kardeşim-Hayat Bayram Olsa".

10 parties participated in the 1977 local elections. CHP 41 percent, the AP received 37 percent of the vote. CHP 714 in the presidential number, the AKP was 619. In the song selection Ünol Büyükgönenç fashion CHP's "New Turkey" meydanlardayk with the song, the Öztürk Serengil API's "Nationalist Zühtü" he came across the plate with citizens.

In the 1980 coup, Kenan Evren and Şürekası brought retired soldiers to the majority of mayors. After the coup, Turgut Özal's ANAP came out of the first general election. In the general election in 83, 3 parties ANAP, MDP and Halkçi Party participated, and in the municipal elections on 25 March 1984, 6 parties participated. While there are ANAP, MDP and DYP on the right, when the left side of the left is divided by SODEP, the ANAP becomes the first with 418 percent of the 868 mayors, while the second place is SODEP with 23 percent and 280 seats. sat. ANAP, the winner of the election, appeared in the squares with the song "Arım, honey honeycomb". Bedrettin Dalan in Istanbul, Mehmet Altunsoy in Ankara, Burhan Ozfatura in Izmir had the rope.

The 1989 local elections were "revolutionary." The People's Party and SODEP merged to become the SHP, but the DSP of the Ecevits also entered the elections. On the right, 7 parties entered the election with ANAP, TPP, MÇP, RP and IDP. In this election, the SHP, led by Erdal İnönü, left its mark on the ballot box with the slogan "No to squeeze like Lemon ve and" Sweep "by France's famous advertiser. The ruling party ANAP has only Malatya. SHP was blowing.

New generations may remember 1994 local elections but our Turkey "transformation" is the turning point. After Kenan Evren, Turgut Özal, who was out of the Köşke and was bored there, set out to party in his brother and died with a sudden heart attack, and the president of DYP-SHP coalition government Süleyman Demirel came to Çankaya. Demirel's surprise, instead of sitting in the Prime Minister's seat, Tansu Çiller's first-day blunder, despite the Demirel wind to 70 percent of the right-wing parties. DYP 886 mayor, ANAP 793 with Mesut Yilmaz, SHP 436 mayor ... Surprise came from the deeply silent Necmettin Erbakan's RP. Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul, İ. Melih Gökçek, with the division of the right and left, announced the footsteps of the Islamist movement as mayor by a small margin.

The burial ceremony of MHP's legendary Basbug Alparslan Turkes, who suddenly died of a heart attack on April 4, 1997, paved the way for the MHP. And then, when the Welfare Party was closed by the Constitutional Court and Erbakan was forbidden, Recai Kutan was elected as the leader of the newly established Virtue Party, despite the struggle of the "innovators". For the first time since 1963, general and local elections were held together in the 1999 elections, political scientists "thesis subject" results came out ... Only 6 of the 21 parties participating in the election was able to rise above the 10 percent threshold. The outcome of April 18 was interesting. In the local elections, FP was able to get 484 mayors with 18%, ANAP with 17% with 777, DSP with 15% with 185 mayors, and MHP with 15% and 498 mayors.

Despite the bill of the economic crisis, General Manager Devlet Bahceli's decision of "early elections on 3 November" without consulting with coalition partners such as Ecevit and Yilmaz was an important step to pave the way for the newly established AKP who aspired to the BOP Co-Presidency. It is not possible to find all of this information on the internet with its comments. The author of these lines lived from heat to heat and writes. The 2004 local elections were established in 2001 and paved the way for the ruling AKP in the local elections on 3 November. In 2004, the AKP increased the vote by 40 percent to 1753 mayors, while the CHP won only 469 municipalities with 20 percent. Although MHP fell from power, 10 to 247 mayors and DYP won 9 and 389 mayors.

I won't break the promise. After the reminders, I would like to underline that Ankara and Istanbul took the same party. As a matter of fact, I want to draw attention to Istanbul and Ankara, who opposed "changing the regime" in the last referendum. CHP, which guarantees Ankara with Mansur Yavaş thanks to the Millet Nation Alliance,, clarifies the election result registered since 1963 and prepares the end of the AKP power by taking Istanbul with Ekrem İmamoğlu! ..

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