Shamil Tayyar'dan striking descriptions! PKK lament as the ‘Great Israel Project’ collapses - New Convention

Shamil Tayyar'dan striking descriptions! PKK lament as the ‘Great Israel Project’ collapses - New Convention

Operation Peace Spring started to prevent the terror corridor at the border. YPG / PKK in Syria, the main purpose of the deployment in the region near the border with Turkey had been raised on social media is based on the Greater Israel project.

The purpose of the operation, which started with the order of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, was to prevent the terror corridor at the border, to ensure the territorial integrity of Syria and the security of refugees, and to end drug trafficking.

Foreign policy expert Nedret Ersenal "50-year plans of the US and Israel are breaking down. The games of these countries do not end, but will have to start from the very beginning."

Professor İdris Kardaş "This operation will continue until the end of the existence of the terrorist organization YPG". "The President's meeting with US President Trump was effective," Kemal Inat said.

SETA Research Coordinator Assoc. Dr. Hasan Basri Yalçın '' We will be the pioneer of the M4 highway in the north of Syria from the east to the west of the region that we know that our priority priority. The first phase of the operation until the completion of the M4 motorway to think Turkey will cover an area completely to take into their own hands will be right, '' he said.

'PKK in Syria since 1978, Israel and the United States reaches tens of subservience to foreign intelligence agencies did "said Samil Tayyar, the PKK's just stressed that war with Turkey.

Mr. Tayyar I do not understand.I'm looking at Hulusi Akar and then call the scenario of what they live on July 15, then turns to the most harsh explanations do. Turn right to left.

Kim Kardashian, known for his immoral imagery, has not accepted the US House of Representatives' approval of the so-called Armenian genocide as a 'victory'.

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