Russia will have five "global cities" by 2035

Russia will have five global cities by 2035

BUCHAREST, Sept. 7 - Sputnik. Five cities of global importance could appear on the map of Russia by 2035, which will ensure an efficient development of the economy, said the president of the Center for Strategic Studies, Pavel Kadochnikov.

In the project of the territorial development strategy of Russia until 2025 of the Ministry of Economic Development, it is proposed to highlight 11 macro-regions based on the existence of large & nbsp; centers of economic growth, infrastructure, as well as access to international markets.

"Comparing Russia with other states, we understand that when we look at the map, we see not so many countries, but cities," Kadochnikov said in an intervention at the Moscow Financial Forum.

According to him, in Russia on the world map there are two cities & nbsp; - Moscow and St. Petersburg. "From here comes the idea that on the whole map of Russia there must be cities of global importance. If we are to think about what can really be achieved by 2025, I think that five cities is a pretty good number," he said Kadochnikov.

"Judging from how the situation is now unfolding, the list could look like this: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk," continued the president of the Center for Strategic Studies, adding that the emergence of such cities will allow for efficient development. of the economy. He also mentioned that these "global cities" will emanate "their energy in the surrounding regions".

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