Russia revives the tradition of closed cities for the development of weapons

Russia revives the tradition of closed cities for the development of weapons

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The "Era" technopolis, whose imminent opening was recently announced by the Russian Ministry of Defense, will be a sort of return to the Soviet tradition of closed cities, where the most important developments in the military sphere took place. The National Interest reports.

During the Cold War, the Soviet Union, seeking to "reach and perhaps overcome" the United States in the midst of military development, actively conducted research in various sectors. This work was carried out not only in universities and research institutes, but also and above all in the so-called closed cities scattered throughout the country.

These cities were built around laboratories engaged in nuclear, biological and chemical research, intended for the development of missile and ballistic technologies. These settlements, which were often not even marked on the map, made a huge contribution to the growth and development of the Soviet armed forces.

Apparently, a quarter century after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Moscow has decided to return to the past. So the Ministry of Defense has announced the imminent opening of the military era "Tecnopoli" near Anapa, where the scientific and technological development of the Russian armed forces will focus.

Technopolis will enter full function in 2020 and employ more than two thousand scientists. Inside, all necessary services will be organized for professionals and their families, including shops, schools, kindergartens and public transport just like in Soviet closed cities.

The main challenge for Era will be to increase the scientific and technological development activities already underway, and therefore to provide scientists and engineers with sufficient support to be able to give concrete results. If this happens, Era's example can be followed throughout the country. "Otherwise, the new Russian technopolis could become the next victim of the Kremlin's clumsy attempts to stimulate innovation," concludes the publication.

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