Russia focuses on hacker squadrons. Millions of dollars from the FBI for their heads

Russia focuses on hacker squadrons. Millions of dollars from the FBI for their heads

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April 15 2017, 19:00 update November 27 2019, 12:26
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We are looking for cyber talent. In a positive sense of the word. Our action is conditioned by the needs that the army will have in the coming years - this is the announcement of the Russian Minister of Defense to enlist people who cannot be traced by the FBI today.

The Russians are more eager to attach a medal to him than to push him to the wall, says a popular saying from US Department of Justice employees. His hero is Evgeny Bogaczew. A 33-year-old hacker who has been dealing the most painful blows for a decade, and recently broke another record - for information that allows him to capture him, the FBI offers $ 3 million. Such a prize has not yet been awarded for any cybercriminal.

Three decades ago, Kevin Mitnick was a mysterious criminal who had to be traced with bearing wagons, and the investigators did not know who they would find in the apartment they would enter until they were arrested. Two decades ago, hackers already had to infiltrate: targeting bandits such as Max Butler - known as "Iceman" - even required many years of operational work on Internet forums for programmers living outside the system.

Fighting Internet attacks is getting harder and harder. Hackers build "army of things"

Bogaczew has nothing to hide. In photos from social networking sites you can see a bald, slightly bulky - more because of the beginnings of obesity than musculature - 30-year-old. He lives at ul. Lermontowa in the Black Sea resort of Anapa in Krasnodar Krai, at number 120, where a modern apartment building with flats worth PLN 1 million is located. Anapa alone, 60,000, seems to be a paradise in which it would be difficult to disappear - the town is a health resort, not far from the Crimea and the Azov Sea. Vacationers, especially the slightly better off, like to come here.

The hacker fits this climate perfectly. Neighbors from Lermontów mention that a few years ago he drove a several-year-old volvo with the "Computer Repair" advertisement on the bumper. FBI agents say they prefer the Grand Cherokee jeep today, but it's still not a special luxury at Anapa. Apparently he has a yacht and likes to take it - for three years - in the Crimea. In the photos, Bogaczew demonstrates a tabby cat in front of the lens (he himself is dressed in a "leopard" pajamas), but in principle he is closer to a metropolitan specialist than Blofeld from films with James Bond. He complains that he lacks time for his family, lives with his wife and - probably - two children. An older girl may be today about 12 years old.

Of course there is something more. Bogaczew also has an apartment in Moscow, he can also have apartments throughout Europe - with a particular focus on France. Initiates say that just a few years ago, when he left Russia for vacation, he did not have to drive his own car or use rented cars on the spot. The grid, managed by at least a few closest associates plus an indefinite group of associates and poles, had so many cars that it was possible to land anywhere on the continent and use the "company" car. Such travel was to be facilitated by the fact that Bogaczew had three passports - for various identities, of course.

And his compatriots stood behind the wall. "What a talented guy," delighted 23-year-old Mikhail, Bogaczew's neighbor from an apartment building on Lermontowa, when reporters of the Daily Telegraph showed him pictures of the hacker and said that he had devastated the bank accounts of hundreds of American companies and blocked tens of thousands of private computers on both sides Atlantic. "Sitting behind the desk at home, he broke into the camp of our enemies," he said. "But a guest," added taxi driver Wazgen. "Judging by what the Americans are doing to others, he did them something that would be good for them," he cut off. At that time, the conflict over Crimea was at its peak.

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Each country employs not so much hackers as it expands it department and most employees are simply IT specialists. There is also a gap between hackers and criminal gangs of cheaters. hackers who abide by their code of ethics "make" free "eg games, movies, programs ... etc. so I would not put a bunch of criminals in one cauldron who, by the way, earned more money from drug dealers last year with" Janosik "the Internet.

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