Russia builds 'closed cities' again?

Russia builds 'closed cities' again? Russia builds 'closed cities' again?
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The military technological city, whose creation was announced by the Russian Ministry of Defense, could mark the return to the tradition of Soviet "closed cities", writes Russian affairs expert Samuel Bendett in the pages of the American magazine The National Interest.

For now, it is difficult to assess whether the initiative will be successful, said the analyst. This depends, to a large extent, on how & nbsp; Russian authorities succeeded or not in "learning their lesson" from Stolkovo, the previous great project of "technopolis", designed with the aim of contributing to the technological leap. & Nbsp;

However, for the specialist, the project has a significant advantage compared to other similar initiatives: its construction will be controlled by the Ministry of Defense.

The sphere of activity of "technopolis" will comprise studies, analysis and certification of military production and dual designation (civil and military). Technopolis will also allow testing of prototypes of weapons and military equipment in the early stages of production. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

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