Roberto Pisano, President of the Provincial Sna section of Cagliari: Without the commitment of the members we would be a beautiful car without an engine

Roberto Pisano, President of the Provincial Sna section of Cagliari: Without the commitment of the members we would be a beautiful car without an engine

Roberto Pisano, President of the Provincial section of Cagliari. "I was elected Provincial President in January 2009 and subsequently reappointed. For several years I worked on the other side of the desk, as a technical sales inspector and, later, as an administrative manager for some companies. of sufficiency and often of mistrust towards the agents. I do not want to tell in detail, but I did not tolerate at all certain arrogance and certain mischief that vice versa, for the company, were completely normal. in some way give back to colleagues what companies took away in terms of respect for dignity and rights.

The Provincial sections must constitute a point of reference that gives colleagues the certainty of being there at any time, from the simple request for clarification to assistance in case of need in the most delicate moments. When an administrative inspection becomes heavy, or a company has claims that go beyond the contractual and regulatory provisions, or in case of revocation. Often it is enough to be close to the agent to face difficult moments more serenely; other times it is necessary to act as a liaison with the structures of the Syndicate to resolve the situations in front of which colleagues can be found. The Provincial Section is also the incubator of ideas and projects of the Syndicate; the President and the Provincial Executive must be able to act as a stimulus and catalyst and to translate ideas into concrete proposals for the association.

It would be easy to say that members should be more involved, more proactive, more active in spreading the values ​​of solidarity among colleagues and promoting the association as a meeting point and bulwark for the protection of the category. But the question to be asked, in reality, is another: what can the Provincial Section do to support its members? The rest, ie their participation and their support, at least in theory, should come by itself. If the Provincial is the forge of ideas and projects, the national bodies must be able to count on what this forge produces. The national bodies must instead guarantee support and presence on the periphery. In this way the union becomes a living thing, shows its soul and gathers its own strength.

Also due to national commitments, in the last few years I have not been able to promote all the conference and training activities I wanted. I tried to make up for the communication and only recently did I resume, together with my Executive, organize events, both in the province and outside it, collaborating with the other provincial sections. The colleagues' response was very encouraging: there is a palpable need for meeting, for exchanging ideas, for training. The trade union must also respond to this need.

Sna's members are less than a third of those in activity. Certainly too few, given the importance of the Association's activity for the category. Identifying the reason is certainly the most difficult thing. There is probably a series of contributing factors. Certainly there is a certain mistrust towards associationism, notoriously in crisis, together with a traditionally individualistic vision of its entrepreneurial role. In some cases, however, even the economic aspect plays its part: being able to pay the membership fee in installments, above all for the smaller realities and perhaps for this reason most in need of protection, would be of great help. It takes patience and it is useful to show that the Syndicate plays its role in a disinterested manner. I often receive requests for discussion and assistance also from non-registered colleagues; I never subtract myself and I take the opportunity to show that we are always there, regardless of everything. The result is almost always the colleague's registration.

I believe that the best way to optimize the involvement of registered colleagues and attract non-registered colleagues is communication, without a doubt. Effective and structured, continuous, punctual communication. It's not easy to do, but I think it's the most productive method of results. Sna must also be known locally. This initiative of interviews with Provincial Presidents is very important, for example, because it gives visibility to the territory and shows the liveliness of the Syndicate. It is up to us to seize this kind of opportunity and use these tools to make Sna known. In this sense we could do much more and we are organizing ourselves to distribute the different tasks within the Provincial Executive, in which new colleagues have recently entered, young but certainly mature in terms of the necessary competence and awareness. Just over a year ago, for example, we were engaged in organizing the National Congress, which took place near Cagliari. A heavy commitment, for which we could also count on the collaboration of colleagues from other Provincials, but who repaid us with a massive presence of members. It was the most participated Congress in the history of Sna. Recently we have resumed with the activity of organizing training conferences, which we intend to continue. I have never ceased, personally, to play the role of reference for individual colleagues, and there is no day that I do not hear anyone for a comparison, a suggestion, a gesture of solidarity.

In 2018 the Provincial then participated in the Sardinian Job Day. It is a two-day event, promoted by the Autonomous Region of Sardinia in the city's fairgrounds, aimed at promoting entrepreneurial and educational initiatives aimed at creating jobs and all meeting between the demand and supply of employment for young and old. We set up a stand, supervised by colleagues and distributed information material on the professional figures of our sector, from agency employees to collaborators and sub-agents, to agents. We have had many contacts and collected resumes which, once selected, have been distributed to the colleagues who have requested them in the various territories.

Next year we will certainly repeat the Sardinian Job Day experience and organize at least two training conferences of regional interest in our provincial. We also intend to improve trade union promotion activities for the purpose of proselytizing through individual contacts and mini-meetings with non-registered colleagues: for example, short meetings could be organized, offering colleagues an aperitif and telling something about us, thus laying the foundations for a relationship to be consolidated gradually.

The presence of the National at territorial events is always welcome and fruitful. There is no particular occasion to stress, because all of them have been strongly appreciated by colleagues, both registered and non-registered. Combining political and educational meetings on the same day is a winning choice and a path that Sna must continue to follow. There is great expectation for the events that the Syndicate will organize in 2019, the centennial year of the foundation of the Association.

When I was elected there was a tense internal political situation, with important conflicts. My candidacy had not been taken in the right way by several colleagues and I suffered, because, really, I had no interest in undermining anyone: I just wanted to make myself useful. It took time, but today all those contrasts are water in the past and I have a cordial and frank relationship with all my colleagues. I am not attached to my role as Provincial President, and if tomorrow someone proposes to cover it with a view to opening up to colleagues and serving the association, I would not hesitate to step aside.

In fact, Sna is the only bulwark left to defend the interests of the category. Today, as never before, there is a need for a strong representation that is capable of putting itself adequately with respect to interlocutors different from those of the past. First there was the Ania, the first level bargaining and little else. Today our antagonists are also representative associations such as Anapa, which lives of absolute self-referentiality and does not care at all about the real interests of the Category. Even the political and institutional world must be marked tight: just think of the narrow escape, thanks to Sna and only Sna, of a law transposing the unfair IDD and based on distorted interpretations of the European standard. not to mention the IVASS, which plays a role that is not at all clear, as demonstrated by the new Regulation on insurance distribution, which multiplies unnecessary obligations and creates frills and constraints, generating uncertainties and overloads against which only the Syndicate, once again , intervened with the first appeals to the Council of State. And I would ask a non-attached colleague to join just telling him what I just said. Inviting him to the events on the territory, in which the National President generally participates, which has an extraordinary ability to illustrate the different situations in which the union's intervention is decisive. Demozzi has such an acute vision of the evolution of the sector, which identifies any critical issues still in its infancy and manages to warn colleagues and guide its Executive in the appropriate battles in defense of the rights of the category.

To a registered colleague, instead, I would like to say that Sna offers the extraordinary opportunity, doing something useful and important for themselves, while doing something useful and important for the Category. Support the Association even with a minimum commitment, even by simply welcoming the participants to a conference once a year, thus giving half an hour of their time, for example, is a testimony of commitment and respect towards their world, towards the own colleagues, therefore towards oneself. Sna is like a beautiful car, with so many options, comfortable, comfortable, able to give satisfaction, pleasant to take care of and keep efficient. But it would be like a car without an engine, if it weren't for those who worked to get it running. And any commitment at any level is precious ".

Roberto, you are an extraordinary person, capable and humble, attentive and always available. Sensitivity is the side that distinguishes you and that makes you a Man, Serious and Professional in every occasion.

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