Rhodes - a real paradise on earth

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You think you know your country, and then you visit a place no one's ever told you about, and you really have to ask yourself, "Am I awake?" Although every Greek knows this, Rhodes is like this: more King Arthur than Alexander the Great, more Aquitaine Eleanor than Helen of Troy.

The magic of Rhodes includes the homes of knights, there were magnificent castles in Rhodes, Greece, few of which are known as the Palace of the Grand Masters of the Knights of St. John - Gothic-style gates to Rhodes Old Town with magnificent twists and turns. and turns to shops, eateries and irrigation wells, Franc and Turkish fountains, and houses of worship.

Oh and taste. A wide range of restaurants and eateries are everywhere. Made well, fresh, served by polite and friendly people in attractive places and hotels. I must point out that Greece has come a long way in terms of customer service. Bravo.

Cyprus, fertile and along the Mediterranean trade route was always a rich place. In classical and Hellenistic times, it produced and attracted artists and architects who were the best on the continent.

One stands amazingly in front of the quiet but eloquent temple pillars next to the city of Rhodes and the Acropolis of Lindos. The imagination runs wild, trying to guess what the known figure of the sun god, the Colossus of Rhodes, looked like and where it actually stood (paraphrasing the Italian quip, ten Greeks, ten theories). And you can't think of what the full moon looks like in the squares and the rippling sea that constantly kiss the fine beaches.

The Archaeological Museum is great at attracting many foreigners, but local tourism officials and places also seem to have created cultural events that bring visitors into contact with the island's talented young people and artists. Bravo again.

The Greeks of the diaspora, especially those like me, who were subject to both the strong and subtle pulls of their homeland and moved here, swell with pride when we see that non-Greeks fall in love with Greece. They flood the natural beauty, the sun, the sea, the underground art in museums and ruins, more famous than the pristine monuments and modern treasures of other countries - food that delights the palate and music that knocks your fingers and moves your feet, despite not having the idea that is sung (yes, in some of the most shaky lyrics of rebetika, the music is remarkably optimistic).

I am beginning to think that we Greeks in the diaspora know our Ellada less than tourists. No bravo there. Yes, visit yiayiat and pappou, but also visit your friends places.

Greece is close to reaching its tourism potential, not only because we do not (and should) need our non-Greek friends, but also because we do not know the whole country and the charms of souvenir walks in places where we are not. acquaintances, such as when I stumbled across the roloi, from the bell tower of the city of Rhodes, where you can climb the view above the entire command and where on clear days (this is usually a hidden danger) Turkey is clothed, but this is another story of the eastern Greek islands we have also take it more seriously.

One nice and necessary activity in places like Rhodes is exploring the alleys of the old town. Serendipity, who doesn't live by the instructions, calls, but she's not the only voice and face you come across. The Greek crisis in Rhodes, fortified by tourism, wonders whether there is sufficient support for those who are lagging behind.

Δεν μπορο I can't take it anymore, one random man shouted as I walked past Platia Athina. From a distance, he seemed to have been careless, wild-eyed, and carrying traces of the homeless with a dirty bag. Maybe he was joking, but there were other signs. Not far away I noticed a friendly old lady, probably on a nice walk. Only my wandering thought made me go out of my way, bringing me into contact with him again, but now realizing his purpose and destination. A plastic bag in his hand, he roared through the garbage truck.

Are there enough municipal and charitable social services in this island paradise, and should residents and visitors care more? Driven by religion or philosophy, should Greeks and Orthodox think that when we finally see New Greece being built, should we care more about the people who will inevitably fall behind?

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