A crocodile on a leash walking around the beach. This was the scene that upset the day at the bathers of Anapa, in southern Russia on the shores of the Black Sea.

The animal suddenly appeared, held tight by a man who took him for a walk and who gave bathers, including children, the opportunity to take a photo with the reptile, without worrying about how dangerous it was.

The scene was taken up by one of the people present, who posted on YouTube the video in which they see small children approaching the animal in front of their parents, regardless of the risk their children are running.

The video, however, also arrived in the eyes of the local authorities, who immediately identified the crocodile owner: a gentleman who kept the animal in a home aquarium and usually took it around on a leash, getting paid by tourists to take pictures with he. The man was thus arrested, while the poor crocodile was entrusted to a Novorossiysk zoo.

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