Read the Book: 'The Kurdish Problem? The Problem of Nationalization? -20- 'Ocalan's sentence is not executed'

Read the Book: 'The Kurdish Problem? The Problem of Nationalization? -20- 'Ocalan's sentence is not executed'

The lawyer. İrfan Sönmez's name, which has made a lot of mention, has won the reader's favor and made a note of history: '' The Kurdish Problem? The Problem of Nationalization? '

The lawyer. İrfan Sönmez's latest book, which makes a lot of mention of his name, is' The Kurdish Problem? The Problem of Nationalization? ' and once again. & nbsp; Enpolitik, we share this book, which makes a note in history and constitutes an important resource, every day with the theme of reading activity with our esteemed readers. (Book Bilge Oğuz Kitapevi (0212 527 33 65) or Kitap Yurdu online book sales website. )

'What is the Kurdish problem' in the book, which began with the fourth chapter ... 'Execution of Öcalan's sentence today' & nbsp; 'Peru and Sri Lanka What We Did What We Did?' Opening & nbsp; & nbsp; headers. Here's the twentieth part of reading ...

Of course, the handover of Öcalan could have been a turning point. The PKK is a leader movement. There is one Öcalan in the organization and the others. He was dedicated to such great virtues that the organization could be distributed through the weaknesses it showed when it was caught. The question and then the disparaging situation he fell into were hidden from the society for some reason. was complimented. Even in those images, it was clear how Öcalan was in a mood. There was an Öcalan, who offered open cooperation, ready to sell his organization in order to save his life. . Helpless, cowardly, timid, & nbsp; & nbsp; people & nbsp; There was a man who was demolished. When he was taken to İmralı he was in fear of being taken away. Doctor S.G. [1] When he went to his first examination, he said that his face had faded like lime and when he saw himself in a doctor's coat, he thought he was peeing alt gold son before the executions. Then, then it opened like a pumpkin flower. The first week he was brought to İmralı, the authorities were intimidated enough to ask for bananas from the authorities. His psychology was that I give you work and you fulfill my wishes. The government also rewarded him for the information he provided, and the helicopter from İmralı & nbsp; removing the & nbsp; fulfilled his wish. Questioning Öcalan, H.Atilla Uğur says, ti He has sworn to save himself, he has promised so much that he believes in him and whines for those who burn himself. 2 [2] After realizing that his life was guaranteed, Öcalan gradually returned to his former personality. In time, the man who defended the law of the Kurds rose to the position. He was no longer speaking on behalf of the organization, but on behalf of the Kurdish people. The rulers of the country facilitated Öcalan's work with their horizons and their way of looking away from the gravity of the issue.

If what he defended in the past and said what he was fighting for, the query & nbsp; and gave up on him in court, refuting all his ideological claims himself. If you hide the name under the statements, you cannot convince anyone that these statements belong to Öcalan. He was so coward, so weak. For example, "I do not believe that the Republic is against the Kurds.Cumhuriyet is perhaps a blessing for a Kurd rather than a Turk. Their sovereigns knew this very well and wanted to hinder Turkish education." "Kemalism is sure to have a place for the Kurds. Together with Mustafa Kemal's words. I'm ready, deals I make up my data errors, federation, autonomy solution is to have all kinds of political rights of the Kurds in the present system değildir.türkiye ... "[4] this statement earlier system and nbsp recourse & the criticism of the Turkish education stands. Turkish flag query the kissing, pleading for service to the state at this point Öcalan sat in front of the state in the capacity of the representative of the Kurds 15 years later. Which system makes a man who has become the confessor of the state to address the state in 15 years?

They said so as not to hang up. Then what's the need for criminal law? He would have completed his life as the leader of a terrorist organization and the murderer of thousands of people. This was one of the slogans that were invented to save him. Those who know her teeth are only martyred & nbsp; they were not families. At that time, the son went up to the mountain, and those who died & nbsp; Öcalan seduced our children because they know her teeth.Then this business was reversed. They thought that the will that kept him alive would not leave him alone, but stand behind him until the end. This brought back the lost self-confidence of the organization. Öcalan pulled out of the border so that he could not be hanged, he was re-armed from the execution agenda. The state could not even use the trump card to stop terrorism.

The important thing is not to end the execution of the penalty. Punishment is the equivalent of crime and action. Since the world exists, there is a penalty, & nbsp; there is a crime. It cannot be punished because it does not end. Can you say that those who kill people will not be punished because the murders are not interrupted? Crimes can be kept at a certain limit, if the order is provided, the perpetrators are punished. I've seen an American film made in the past few years: The night of purification ... Didn't you know? According to the film's fiction, in the United States, once a year, midnight & nbsp; morning & nbsp; penalties & nbsp; speak suspend suspend. Supposedly there is such a tradition. [5] Whoever commits a crime is not punished. Until that night, people are throwing up their hatred, hatred, anger, thousands of people being killed, vehicles, houses, workplaces arson. Hospitals are full of dead, wounded. Even the belief in the Hereafter that can brake people can not stop anyone. The film tells how intimidating the public order is .B punishments .B. If there is no punishment somewhere, there is no crime, everything becomes legitimate. When moving to leader-indexed movements, the space cannot be filled easily. When Öcalan was caught, the organization lost its compass and became abondone. No second man could replace the first man. Hz. Moses) A.S) showed dozens of miracles to his people, shot his wand and passed through the Red Sea. When he went to Mount Sinai to speak to God, his people immediately made a golden calf and began to worship it. The person he left instead of his brother and prophet like him. Aaron was (A. S). Although the second man was a prophet, Israel could not prevent his sons from worshiping the calves. The Peruvian Light Path movement is very similar to the PKK in terms of organization and leader's position. Öcalan has put his many views from this organization. Presidents Abimael & nbsp; Guzman, a philosophy professor. Organization militants briefed him on President Gonzalo & nbsp; they say. It was a very chopping Maoist movement in the late 1960s. & Nbsp; In 20 years, the organization committed thousands of murders. The Peru government pursued the leader of the organization during the Fujimori era. When he caught him at a ballerina's house in 1992, his reaction did not match his legendary name. The legend collapsed when he appeared on a television in a cage and told his comrades to lay down their arms. [6] The militants were greatly disappointed. The Peruvian government made good use of this opportunity. A law of repentance made the organization leave arms and thousands of militants surrendered. The organization, called Endless, was finished with the right moves and timing. & Nbsp; Sentenced to life imprisonment, Gonzalo has been serving his sentence in an underground cell at a naval base for nearly a quarter of a century. [7] Organizations motivate the image of leaders. When that image collapses, & nbsp; followers & nbsp; Returning to the wreckage. Returning to your question, I do not have a claim and insist that it should necessarily be hanged. & nbsp; From living, hanging & nbsp; if it will be more useful. It is also a cooperation as I have just stated. Political powers did not subordinate, nor received the money for the life they gave him. On the contrary, a man ready to surrender his soul to the leader position again. Two television programs, both Öcalan and the organization could be finished.Bitirilmedi. When Öcalan saw the impotence of his interlocutors, he & nbsp; In fact, this time there was a non-life guarantee in Syria. The power of the period consisting of DSP / MHP and ANAP & nbsp; They kept Öcalan alive, and then they held him and made him speak out of prison. This is another mistake written on the profit of ethnic nationalism.

I was going to explain the Chechens' struggle with the Russians - the mistakes made in the fight against terrorism. If you've asked in this section, let me answer. The Chechen Mujahideen fought against the Russians. During the Dudayev era, & nbsp; They made the Soviets kneel. Russian leader Yeltsin had to deal with Chechens. The Soviets were disbanded, losing Russian military discipline. When Putin came to power, Russia changed its strategy to Chechen. turned to leaders. First, the head of the struggle, Cevher Dudayev & nbsp; was killed with a guided missile. Then the other leaders, the lone wolf Salman Raduyev in prison, Selimhan Yandarbiyev in Qatar, Aslan Masashov in Grozny, Shamil Basayev in Ingushetia and Abdullah Sadullayev in Argun & nbsp; were martyred. None of these leaders agreed to surrender or abandon the struggle. After their testimony, the Chechen movement never recovered. By losing effect over time & nbsp; It is no longer a threat to Russia. When the PKK was established, the leading cadre was A.Öcalan, Şemdin Sakık, O.Öcalan, Cemil Bayık, Duran Kalkan, Mustafa Karasu and Murat Karayılan. The organization began its first actions in the mid-seventies. In 1984, with Eruh and Semdinli raids, he showed that he had come to note the state. Over the first actions & nbsp; 40 years & nbsp; & nbsp; not one person from the leader's staff could be neutralized. They are all still alive, Şemdin Sakık is in Diyarbakır prison, Öcalan İmralı and the other leaders are in charge of the organization. Duran Kalkan and Mustafa Karasu were among those sitting at the table in Oslo. If the organization could be cleared of its leading cadres, we would not have faced such a widespread terrorist attack today. The failure to kill a single leader in forty years is a sign of serious intelligence weakness or unwillingness.

If he didn't, we wouldn't have to mention these names. I can't say anything because I don't know if it's intelligence weakness or something. But if they wanted, they could have caught these men one by one and brought them to justice. Can't find these names to punish & nbsp; an intelligence & nbsp; if you can easily find it to sit at the table & nbsp; & nbsp; means there is a serious problem. Forty years of men they couldn't find & nbsp; As for the solution process, they found it as if it were put with their hands. As the leading cadres live, they become legendary and become a kind of historical personality and nation-building tool. Iraq could not destroy separatism because it could not destroy the Barzani family. Iran & nbsp; In 1989 & nbsp; Abdurrahman Kasimlo, leader of the Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party (I-KDP), and Abdullah Kadiri, Europe's leader. Killed in Vienna. A few weeks later he killed another senior Komala ruler in Larnaca. A short time later, he murdered Dr. Sadik Sharafkini, who replaced Kasimlo, with three other people in Berlin. [8] & nbsp; & nbsp; In the fight against terrorism, the shortest and most accurate results are obtained by the leadership of the leaders. Turkey was able to use a material that can not consume them yaşatarak Racial milliyetçiliğe-. This is one of the mistakes that contribute to the growth of terror and sympathy among young people. Numerous legends and heroic stories have been circulated in the southeast around these names, many of them uy invented.. It can even turn Öcalan's court purity into an advantage, & nbsp; it could have left the criticism of ethnic nationalism against the state unfounded.

What did they do to al-Qaeda leader Bin Laden? They raided and hid his hiding place, even took his body away. Israeli Hamas leader & nbsp; Sheikh Ahmed Yasin, military & nbsp; How did he kill Ahmad Jabari, the wing leader? Moreover, Sheikh Ahmet Yasin & nbsp; He was a person who could not use his feet and was in a wheelchair. Turkey's leader is a terrorist organization that killed forty thousand citizens had a fair court, was restricting the right to defense, to choose their lawyer, did not let self-defense as he wants. He offered the means he could say anything he wanted to say. Let alone torture did not even flip a torture. He opened the doors to the delegations from Europe where he lived. He showed the endurance that no country in the world could show. Assessment is able to & nbsp; for those accusing a state of extrajudicial executions in two & nbsp; could have been a very effective material. For example, if you go back to the people of the region, you call me torturer, extrajudicial executioner, look, I've treated even the killer of forty thousand citizens with justice, he could say that I did not bring any restrictions in the trial phase. Some of you are still & nbsp; he complains of extrajudicial executions and says that the murderers of our children are caught and punished, and he says to leave the killer of forty thousand people. The punishment for his own children is the contradiction in demanding freedom for Öcalan. they could be told. Through the trial of Öcalan, the image of the torturer, the murderer and the tyrant who wanted to be dressed in the state could be eliminated. Even today, the right senses and & nbsp; adherence to the law & nbsp; his attitude is a very impressive material, waiting to be evaluated around the corner.

[5] In fact & nbsp; There is no such tradition, the film's fiction is like this, a film made to show what society would become when punishments were lifted. News Portal is published 100% in accordance with the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works. Republishing and publishing news from agencies in any medium requires prior written permission in accordance with the policy of the relevant agencies.

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