Probably the ancestors of the 9th century Hungarians have now been found in the Caucasus

Probably the ancestors of the 9th century Hungarians have now been found in the Caucasus

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A research group of Hungarian and Russian archaeologists in Russia has uncovered tombs related to Eastern Hungarian prehistory. New, exciting details may soon be revealed about the ancestral life of our ancestors.

During the excavation at the Andreievskaya Shchel site near Anapa, archaeologists have probably found artifacts dating from the 9th century, which resemble traces and material relics of the Hungarians of the South.

"Burial habits and material culture (NW orientation, pots, weapons, including sabers, arrowheads) show a close relationship with the Subbotyic archaeological burial horizon known from the South, known as the 9th century Hungarian," said researcher Gabriella M. Lezsák and Gáll. Erwin.

The site, which has been investigated with Russian researchers, has previously been found in the Carpathian Basin, including palmetto-like plaited hair, fragments of tarsolyte, gilded bronze cross-haired saber, and carved palm-ornamentation. & Nbsp;

Historians will undergo a series of analyzes, including genetic testing, on the burial ground, which has been unearthed in October, but plans are still being made to investigate the site. As the report of MTI revealed, the joint Hungarian-Russian archeological excavation was the first to be carried out in the area that has been mostly white patch for Hungarian archaeological research.

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