Presumably, archaeological finds of Hungarian relevance were found in the Caucasus region

Presumably, archaeological finds of Hungarian relevance were found in the Caucasus region

A group of Hungarian and Russian archaeologists unearthed graves related to Eastern Hungarian prehistory in Russia as a result of excavations at the Andrejevskaya Csel site near Anapa, a town in the northwestern Caucasus, said archaeologists Gabriella M. Lezsák and Erwin Gáll.

The excavation was organized by Gabriella M. Lezsák in October, in collaboration with archaeologists Erwin Gáll, Andrei Novitshin, Andrei Baranjuk, Ruslan Shatum, Roman Prokofiev and Konstantin Krutogolovenko.

Archaeologists who have excavated the site have previously reported some scattered finds from the site, such as a palmette-patterned, disc-shaped ponytail disc, a piece of tarso plate, a gilded bronze cross-iron saber, and split palmette ornaments.

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Burial customs and material culture show a close connection with the Subbotyic archaeological burial horizon known from Etelköz, defined as a 9th century Hungarian. Researchers will subject the excavated burials to a multifaceted analysis and intend to continue research at the site in the coming years.

Genetic research is carried out by the Genetics Research Center of the Hungarian Research Institute. The significance of the excavation is given by the fact that a joint Hungarian-Russian archaeological excavation was the first to be carried out in the area, which is mostly a white spot for the current Hungarian archaeological research, the report states.

According to a statement sent to MTI on Friday, the excavation was funded by the Hungarian Research Institute.

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