President Erdoğan: We stand by the manufacturer

President Erdoğan: We stand by the manufacturer

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, agriculture and animal husbandry sector made evaluations. Erdogan said that they are always next to the producer and they will continue to be, "We have paid 134.5 billion pounds support to our farmers in the last 17 years. We only paid 2.4 billion pounds to our farmers last year as fuel support. We took livestock as a priority sector. Last 17 we have supported about 33 billion pounds annually livestock. " said.

Speaking at the opening of the 29th Consultation and Evaluation Meeting of the AK Party held in Kızılcahamam, President Erdoğan pointed out that the fact that who controls food in the future will also control the world becomes clearer every day.

"Only 5 billion hectares of the 13 billion hectares of land in the world is agricultural land. Of this, only 1.5 billion hectares of land is being cultivated. In our country, 24 million hectares of agriculture and 14.6 million hectares of pasture is used. The increase in urbanization, global warming, misuse of soil, desertification and erosion threaten arable lands, for this reason, 265 plain lands in 65 provinces with high production potential are declared as agricultural protected areas. We have protected. "

since Turkey's 2005 agricultural revenue to underlining that the world and the leading country in Europe, Erdogan said, "we increased agricultural income to 37 billion pounds to 217 billion pounds. Agriculture and food products, our exports have raised 17.7 billion from $ 4 billion. Today, Turkey Is exporting 690 kinds of agricultural products to 195 countries. " said.

Erdoğan stated that they have increased their agricultural support payments from 1.8 billion lira to 17 billion lira as of this year and made the following evaluations:

"The main opposition person at the beginning, 'we neglect the farmer, the farmer does not give the slightest support to the farmers' one of two lies. He has an ear, but he does not hear. In the last 17 years we have paid 134.5 billion pounds to farmers support. We paid about 4 billion pounds. We took stockbreeding as a priority sector. In the last 17 years, we have given support to approximately 33 billion pounds. Ne What does it say? Çift He says, yok There is not the slightest support for our farmers. Hepsi These are all official figures. not."

Milk Council, the reference price of milk to 2.3 pounds reminded that Erdogan Erdogan, they are always next to the manufacturer and will continue to be, he said. Erdoğan stated that in 2019, the prices of 13 crops including hazelnuts, cereals and pulses were announced before the harvest and an efficient purchasing campaign was conducted. Turkish Grain Board, 4 billion pounds of products taken from producers to prevent the fall of market prices against the producer emphasized that Erdogan, 206 billion pounds for the purpose of increasing the fertility of the land infrastructure investments were made, said the opening of 7 thousand 927 facilities.

Completion of 4 thousand 856 facilities for the purpose of flood protection, about 305 thousand hectares of land, 4 thousand 774 settlements were secured, Erdogan said, the seas, lakes, dams also referred to the work to reduce the amount of soil transported by erosion.

Noting that the rare countries that increase the forests of Turkey Erdogan, the forest area of ​​about 21 million hectares to 22.7 million hectares, removed, established that the rapid intervention fire with an early warning system, the amount of burned areas from previous years and voiced reduced to one quarter of the average. President Erdogan, 81 provinces in the plan to plant 11 million saplings reported.


tayyip emmi 33 billion pounds we have given support to animal husbandry, but you say that the money around the blood suckers brazil uruguay serbia hungarian animal husbandry shared with the results of this day you do not know the deplorable

They never fired anyone. They've never been torpedo. Places of gathering in the earthquake, shopping malls, etc. They did not. They did not do waste and nepotism. They didn't do pool media. They did not increase the inflation rate more than 5 times. Our people love the story, do not stop continue to sleep.

ANAP and Aktepe are damaging to agriculture so far ... even Akepe agricultural land by destroying the mainland by destroying .... more land will be destroyed in the last four years .... he also has fake inflation organizations TurkStat pays the salary of the people but TURKSTAT ..... fooling the public with fake reports inflation see electricity natural gas price hikes see real inflation ..... we are disappearing nobody sees it ..

Farmers are very difficult inflation 9.26 percent of the farmer's inputs have increased by 70 percent but the products we sell are really zero because we sell corn for the same price we sell corn at the same price for the same price we have a lot more pens for the same price we do not want to sell the value of our goods even last year's certified seeds hanger hanging new wheats would not support such support

Yes, you are always with us ... For 10 years, you have always supported 3 cents to Egypt .. even if you have paid the deduction 2.88 krs we have received ... Increased supports we have not seen at all .... we see you not always with us ... Mr. Recep Tayyip erdogan .... Do not hold on to the United States do not stop us again crush the dollar ....

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