Police station scandal. Policemen raped a volleyball player

Police station scandal. Policemen raped a volleyball player The coronavirus vaccine has been tested in humans since Thursday
FAKT24.PL Events World Russia: police officers raped a 17-year-old volleyball player at the camp
2019-08-27 12:00
Police station scandal. Policemen raped a volleyball player

Two police officers from Anapa in Russia are suspected of sexually abusing a 17-year-old girl, a beach volleyball player at a training camp. The police were to threaten the girl with the end of her sports career and, using the advantage, rape her. Proceedings are pending against officers.

Russia: police officers raped 17-year-old volleyball player at the camp Photo: Eugene Odinokov / Sputnik / East News

A 17-year-old from the Moscow region was in Anapa, a health resort on the Black Sea, at a training camp. The teenager is a player of the Russian youth beach volleyball team. One evening the girl spent time on the beach with her boyfriend. Policemen detained them then on charges of immoral behavior in a public place.

Soon after, the boy was released home. The 17-year-old remained at the police station. When the police found out that the teenager was professionally involved in playing beach volleyball, they began to threaten her with bringing the case to court. As they said, it would end the girl's sports career. & Nbsp;

According to urod.ru, the police were supposed to offer a 17-year-old a solution that would make the whole thing go into oblivion. It was supposed to be sexual abuse of the sportswoman. The frightened girl agreed. Two policemen were raped, the third, who was present at the police station, withdrew.

When the teenager was taken to the campsite, the girl told her trainer everything. The police were called in immediately.

The Interior Ministry of Russia confirms that three police officers from Anapa were released for a serious violent crime. Criminal proceedings were instituted against the policemen.

Dark night, silence on empty streets, but the windows are lit in the PiS headquarters in Krakow. It was there that until 2 am Jarosław Kaczyński (71 years old) debated with his trusted people about the forthcoming presidential election.

From Monday 20 April, the government lifted the restriction on entry to forests because of the coronavirus epidemic. However, there is a fear that we will not enjoy this freedom for a long time. Ironically, it's all because of the nice weather. The lack of heavy rainfall caused that the forest litter is very dry. Like the wood of our furniture. Almost every forest has the highest degree of fire hazard!

- I am afraid that health care has been completely subordinated to infectious purposes today and I am not sure what the care of patients coming from other cases or chronically ill looks like. Oncological drugs have long been scarce in Poland, now the situation can worsen considerably. And this may be a reason for a much higher mortality than due to coronavirus - alerts the virologist prof. Krystyna Bieńkowska-Szewczyk, head of the Department of Molecular Biology of Viruses of the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Gdańsk and the Medical University of Gdańsk.

Even an epidemic did not stop these honeymooners! Marta and Mariusz in facial masks said to themselves the sacramental "yes" in the church of St. Kazimierz Królewicz in Suwałki. Although they couldn't share their happiness with their family, they no longer wanted to live without the sacrament of marriage.

Jena - a city located in the Land of Thuringia was the first in Germany to introduce the obligation to wear protective masks. The effect exceeded all expectations. No new coronavirus infections have been reported there for nine days. According to local authorities, the exemplary attitude of residents who took the current restrictions seriously also had a positive effect.

The coronavirus pandemic does not slow down. There are already millions of cases worldwide, and there are over 170,000 victims. On April 19, a daily record of coronavirus cases detected in Poland. This is the worst day since the outbreak of the epidemic. There were 545 infections reported on that day. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, it turned out that we already have 263 more cases of infection in the country. 21 people also died. It recovered less than 1,300. The current balance in Poland is: 9856 patients and 401 deaths.

The coronavirus epidemic meant that many people around the world had to go into remote work mode. This is also how American TV reporter Melinda Meza works today. During the last live broadcast from her bathroom, the journalist had a huge setback! By accident she showed her viewers ... a naked husband in the shower.

Fans of the TVN7 hit reality show will be in the seventh heaven. This Friday, the continuation of the first season of the "Hotel Paradise" will debut on the station's air. Great news was provided in the latest interview by program winners Chris Ducci and Marietta Witkowska. What will the new episodes of the date show look like?

Worldwide, entire societies are involved in the fight against coronavirus. Everyone helps as they can. Some sew masks, others cook dinners, shop, and others transfer funds. Most of the stars and celebrities also pass the solidarity exam in these difficult times. But not everyone. Recently, Victoria Beckham has become very loud. Luxurious British became an anti-heroine in the face of a pandemic. It's hard to believe what she did.

The outbreak of coronavirus in Poland has a huge negative impact on the entire economy. The Polish Church also suffers because of the restrictions imposed on the government, it cannot function normally and receive income from a tray or the administration of the sacraments. Church and organists are now in a particularly difficult situation, who are being released due to lack of money in parishes.

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