Police rape a 17-year-old volleyball player in Russia

Police rape a 17-year-old volleyball player in Russia

According to information, in the early hours of August 26, three law enforcement officers ran into a girl and a youth who had been alone on the beach in the village of Vityazevo. The police threatened them with criminal charges for indecent behavior in a public place. After a brief discussion, the boy was allowed to go. The girl also asked the police to release her, but two of them dropped her on the ground and fornicated with her. The third was not involved in the rape but was standing nearby.

The victim is a competitor from the Moscow Region Beach Volleyball Team who arrived in Anapa for the finals of the national championship. After she was able to get to the base of the team at the sports and recreational complex "Volleygrad", the girl told about the incident of her trainer, who called the police.

An investigation has been launched into the case and three law enforcement officials have already been fired. Measures will also be taken against their direct superiors. The head of the Ministry of Interior, responsible for Anapa, was also removed from his post.

And I have always asked the question of different tufflets that say that we were brothers with this cloth - do you have mirrors at home to look at? Who Bulgarian can say that there is any physical resemblance to this cloth?

It is good that we were the ones who formed this drunken bastard, and thanks to us they have literacy, literature and Orthodoxy. Otherwise there are savages left behind with the main goal of getting more moonshine every day!

The ECtHR finally condemned Russia in the case of Sergei Magnitsky.There are some conscious people in this country, but unfortunately they are too few. Much of this nation cannot be woken up by a coma that was interrupted by communism.

@ Until / - I may not have seen it, but in all the years from 1st to 12th grade they made us learn their language - no I don't want to, teach them literature - there was no other classics in the world except Russian. I studied the history of Bulgaria, edited by them. They made us punch the crusaders, watch their television. They ruled us. I will not mention the manifestation during the Chernobyl cloud. They were deciding whether or not I could go to sea, whether I could live in my hometown. They instilled in us a stronghold mentality. How not to love them. I have such a big ... luffff for them.

I had the misfortune of committing 1988 from the university for one month to be in the then Leningrad. The only meaningful thing I saw then was what was left of Tsarist Russia. ..I swore then that my foot would no longer enter this territory .... Today the gross domestic product of this brawl is as great as that of Spain .... How else does a moron like you have "visited and seen Russia in a photo" has not stayed there and your children are all in the western world. The tragedy of Bulgaria is that we did not grow our Bulgarian Pin-Chet! It's high time you were composing the horse-drawn carriages to load you all up like you and the one way Siberia. ..

Something doesn't bind - "police", a photo that has nothing to do with beach volleyball,. . . a bit like a freelance piece of "sensation" - someone did something somewhere

Well, 10 years ago, it's police, no quotes! And as the Russian says, "When a man is an idiot, here he is!" You will understand it without translation!

In a country where cologne is fashionable, this is normal - with p & n, s & f & l & c and max, the average length of men is close to that of the third world. The problem is that our ruffians constantly bring us into "friendly and loving" relationships with these moving colognes, and their oily little children live and study in the western world. OPEN !!!!!!!!!!

there is a one here it says a panzer74 are in order and they are in front of a policeman to stretch and the girl is supposed to be okay but she is already old there should be no problems

What kind of a bucket could it be?!? The girl was scared and must have been crying and in pain all the time. What kind of a witch can you write it with. You are crazy!!

Can not be ! In Putinland, such things do not happen. Everything is honey and oil there. Ask your native Russophilists, who love Muzikistan, but why they haven't emigrated yet ....

Why again? This is the question in Bulgarian volleyball today, when it is baked, and Lyubo Ganev has long been out of the field. And obviously there is no courageous person to take responsibility for the decisive point and score mercilessly for a football & nbsp; ...

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