Order my dam!

Order my dam! Article Writing-04 October 2019
Order my dam!
Soldiers brought the 10 percent threshold ...
The 10 percent threshold, which was enacted by September 12 military coup plotters, is being discussed again these days.

The election threshold was also on the agenda of Temel Karamollaoğlu, the Chairman of the Felicity Party. Temel Bey; To the question about the reduction of 50% + 1 in the presidential election, he said, “They said 40 is a bit high, they should pull it below 10%. We say that the 10 percent threshold should be lifted for years. One day, the AK Party will need the 10 percent threshold. ” answered in the form.

Please remember; National Opinion leader, Welfare-Road Prime Minister Dr. Just before the 1991 elections, Necmettin Erbakan used the following sentences exactly in the open session of the leaders of TRT:

“That ANAP has changed this election law. He did all the antidemocratic exercises. It is this ANAP that puts all these tricks. But look at the greatness of Allah that now they are drowning in the dams they set themselves, I am thankful to my Lord, they are fluttering. ”

Why are the laws imposed by coup plotters stretched out and protected?
Why hasn't the election threshold, which has been a nightmare over the will of the nation for years, been dropped?
How true it is to ignore the votes or political views of the 20 percent segment!

This is exactly what is not discussed. Political Parties Law and Election Law. It is essentially as important as the constitutional amendment.

We have been asking from the beginning; Why has this Constitution, which was done by the soldiers after the September 12 military coup, has not been changed for years?

Political Parties Law and Election Law are at least this important and changes / s in this field are just as necessary…
“Justice in representation, stability in management” is a general principle that can be practiced in almost any platform, but almost never applies!

There is no justice in representation when you ensure stability in the administration, because, as we live in the 2002 elections, you can get the majority of the TGNA by 34 percent. Okay, management has been stabilized, but what about fairness in representation!

If we exemplify; Let us recall the voting rates of the parties in the 1987 elections, please;

Calculate the voting rates of parties under 10 percent! What's going on? Where was the will of the nation? I think it is completely wrong and wrong application!

The fairest one among the election systems implemented to date seems to be “national balance” or other “national leftover”…

An electoral system that is used in conjunction with relative representation and ensures the fairest representation of votes in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, is “national balance”.

I want to give some more details;
* In the national balance system, the number of deputies in the election regions is found according to the relative representation system.

* All the leftover votes received by the parties in the election circles are collected. There is a national election quota divided by the number of deputies left out.

* The total residual votes held by each party is divided into the national electoral quota and distributed in proportion to this.
* The national balance system is known as the system that provides justice in representation.

* For example, in the 1965 elections, the Justice Party formed the government by taking 240 of the 450 deputies with 52.87% of votes. Workers Party of Turkey (TIP) receives been 2.97% and 15 seats, the Republican National Peasant Party of Turkey and receives been 2.24% 11 MPs won the right to representation in the Grand National Assembly. Justice, justice, stability, stability…

Let's not forget that; Since there is no "vote of confidence" in the Presidential Government System, there is no longer a problem of stability in management! Therefore, the 10 percent threshold in the election did not matter. The party that received 1 percent of the vote in the elections, & nbsp; Let the party with 52 percent of the vote be deputies.

“Parties who do not exceed 10% of the valid votes in the general elections throughout the country, in all the elections held in the midterm elections, cannot remove MPs. The election of independent candidates who are included in this political party list is also possible when the political party in which it is listed exceeds the 10 percent threshold throughout the country and in all the circles elected during the midterm elections. The Supreme Election Board, according to information received in this way from all provinces, Turkey makes the total of valid votes cast in general and dividing the valid votes, the sum received by each political party in the general valid votes in total, calculate the percentage of votes received across the country political party, and so the names of political parties in excess of ten dams provincial election notifies their boards and announces them. ”

1) Is the GOOD Party leaving the Nation Alliance?
2) Will IYI Party, which will leave or think about leaving the Nation Alliance, open doors to different alliances?
3) Will Ekrem İmamoğlu try to be a good mayor or will he be a part of general politics?
4) Will there be an early / dominant election in 2020?
5) Will there be 40 + 1 instead of 50 + 1 in Presidential elections? Will the Presidency be 'mandatory' 2 rounds?

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