Orban welcomed Putin at the Sport Arena

Orban welcomed Putin at the Sport Arena

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin arrived in Budapest several hours late than planned, his plane landed at Liszt Ferenc Airport shortly after 3 pm. This time, the Russian delegation headed not to the Parliament but to the Papp László Sports Arena, where it had bilateral talks with Prime Minister Viktor Putin Orbán. The Russian president also planned to see the opening of the Budapest World Championship, which in the meantime ended, so he missed it. According to the Russian News Agency, Putin reaffirmed that Paks II. its funding is stable. The Russian president was able to travel home around eight o'clock in the evening. & Nbsp;

Sometime before half past four in the afternoon, Vladimir Putin's plane landed at the Liszt Ferenc International Airport. The Russian head of state has now arrived on a Tupolev aircraft, the last time he visited Budapest in February, he used another Iljusin (IL-96 300 models have served Russian presidents since 1993). The exchange may be explained by the fact that, according to Flightradar24, & nbsp;

He then approached Hungary over the Black Sea, through Bulgaria and Romania. A total of four aircraft were able to accompany the Russian head of state on his trip to Hungary: two this afternoon (one of them was traveling to Putin), and one on Friday, the delegation's first helicopter landing at Ferihegy. The former was visited by the ministers of the Russian government, who also delegated to Budapest. They are sure to include Pavel Kolobkov, Russian Minister of Sport, and Veronika Skvorcova, Minister of Health.

Not yet, MTI, the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, reported that Vladimir Putin's plane landed at Budapest's Liszt Ferenc International Airport after 3 p.m. In a somewhat unusual way, the Russian head of state did not head for Parliament, but went straight to the László Papp Sporting Arena, where he talked with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. This, of course, is understandable in view of the dual purpose of the Russian leader's recent visit: on the one hand, he consulted with his Hungarian colleague, and, on the other hand, he also watched the World Championships in Judo, which begins today. Originally, Putin was supposed to attend the opening ceremony, but eventually the Russian president did not get to the ceremony. & Nbsp;

Previously, there were examples of Putin being a guest at the judo races, such as during the 2010 European Championships in Vienna, or in Japan, where he was able to negotiate the disputed Kuril Islands in addition to jesting. & Nbsp;

Putin's half-day visit was not just about the Prime Minister's meeting, as several Russian ministers arrived in the Hungarian capital to hold a regular meeting of the Hungarian-Russian Joint Committee. The essence of the work here was to broaden the economic cooperation between the two countries, so it was possible to discuss the opportunities of the agricultural sector and the pharmaceutical industry.

Returning to the Orban-Putin talks, its main agenda could have been to extend the long-term gas contract - at least that's what historian Miklós Kun talked about for the M1 public service channel, and the same was said in Russian news reports. will also be on display. The Russian expert also noted that & nbsp;

In spite of the sanctions, the Russian Bureau of Statistics reports that the Russian economy grew by 2.6 percent in the second quarter and annual growth is expected to be the same.

Bertalan Havasi, the prime minister's press chief, had previously told the Hungarian Times that Russian President Vladimir Putin would arrive in Budapest at noon on Monday and would stay for a few hours' working visit.

In addition to talks with Viktor Orbán, the Russian politician also watched some of the matches in the World Championship. He was shown live on M4 Sport as the Russian President and Marius Vizer, the Hungarian Prime Minister and President of the International Trolling Association, follow the events of a Russian-related clash. The afternoon race program began at 4pm.

A photo from our reader shows Putin's convoy arriving at the arena. The march consisted of dozens of vehicles and helicopters circling the air. In the arena, four representatives of three opposition dwarf parties protested against Putin in the judo competition in the auditorium. They got to buy four tickets to the World Cup.

As the Russian delegation reached its destination, the BKK announced that tram 1 would once again be on the full line, as would the 200E bus. The 54, 55, 84E, 89E, 294E and 245E flights have also been restored. & Nbsp;

therefore, the trolleybuses 75 and 77 are flown by. In the evening between three quarters eight and a half nine, there were again restrictions on the routes between László Papp Budapest Sports Arena and Ferihegy Airport. Presumably, the Russian President traveled home at that time.

On the Orbán-Putin talks, Ria Novostiyi cites the Russian head of state, who said he was pleased with the development of economic relations between the two countries. He said he was delighted to have the opportunity to negotiate bilateral contacts at sporting events. According to the evaluation, despite the difficulties, Hungarian-Russian economic cooperation is developing favorably.

He added that the good news is that Russian investment in Hungary has reached $ 1.5 billion. He stated that the leaders of the two countries are still working on their joint projects, including in the energy sector. In this context, he underlined that

and in the beginning of next year, concrete work may begin. He noted that there were joint investments in other areas, including the pharmaceutical industry, and stated that the interests of Hungarian companies would be supported in every way possible in Russia.

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